Sugar Cane Juice: A Great Natural Sweetener

When there are so many things that can be bought on the market to be used as sweeteners, it might not catch your eye that one of the best for your body is sugar cane juice. Because it’s less refined than regular refined sugar, it’s not only a perfect substitute but retains more nutrients from the sugar cane.

Characteristics of Different Sugar Cane Juices

Milled cane is one of the most common forms of sugar cane juice, and it comes evaporated in small granulated crystals with a small hint of molasses in its flavor. Another kind of sugar cane juice is called muscovado and it’s also evaporated, in finely textured crystals and has a bold molasses flavor. Another kind of sugar cane juice is demerara and it comes in sticky and coarse granulated crystals that are both golden brown in color and taste similar to molasses. Many people the world over drink sugar cane juice straight, and there are actually products that contain nothing but a little water and straight sugar cane juice. 

Health Benefits

Artificial sweeteners are everywhere, but some of them are known to have harmful side effects. Sugar cane juice is much better for you. Refined sugar is another option, but it’s no better. Refined sugar is associated with many conditions like diabetes, cancer, obesity and certain heart diseases. Sugar cane juice is a natural sweetener that is healthier than sugar and around 50 percent less processed. By using this product sparingly, sugar cane juice can be used within a healthy diet and can provide you with the sweetness you desire. Sugar cane juice has also been shown to be beneficial to people that suffer from diabetes; in fact, there is some evidence that sugar cane juice may actually help lower your blood sugar levels.


Sugar cane juice can be used just about anywhere that sugar or artificial sweeteners can be used. In the Orient, where the cane is a major cash crop, people drink the cane juice straight; in fact, there are street vendors that will press the cane juice directly into a cup for consumption. In your next cup of coffee, instead of using an artificial sweetener, try a teaspoon of sugar cane juice. As a liquid, it mixes better and more easily. Sweeten your next bowl of cereal with some sugar cane juice dribbled over it instead of sugar. Use it as a healthy alternative in mixed drinks such as the Mojito. Sugar cane juice opens up a new world of possibilities when mixed with various fruit juices, not only removing the tartness from fruits such as lemons and limes, but bringing a subtle new flavor to your drinks.

This sugar substance is a perfect way to sate your sweet tooth and still keep to your diet. Even if you’re not on a diet, this is a perfect way to keep just a bit healthier with a small change. Since sugar cane juice and evaporated crystals are so similar to refined sugar, you can simply use them in the same way.


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