Subway Nutrition: The Truth Behind the Marketing

Subway nutrition is often touted in its marketing campaigns as being a healthy alternative to fast food. However, the truth about how healthy these subs really are is disputed by many.

Subway Sandwiches & Condiments

Though Subway does offer many sandwiches within a healthy level of fat and calories, generally these are without the condiments that go on them. These condiments can push those levels right off the charts into the same categories as eating a burger and fries at another fast food restaurant. The most popular of these are cheese, mayonnaise and ranch dressing, and they can sabatage your otherwise healthy sandwich.

Subway Sandwich Meats

Deli meats from Subway are also high in sodium and nitrates, two things that you should eat very low levels of in your diet. Sodium levels should be under 2400 mg daily, while it is recommended that you do not eat more than one meal containing nitrates daily (so do not live on Subway alone). Either way, Subway should still be viewed as fast food, even though it is healthier than some choices. Depending on what you order, you can still have a very calorie-heavy meal.

Subway’s advertising campaign is one that is extremely successful and recognized throughout the country (and is not entirely false). There are many healthy options available, and they are within the fat and calorie ranges listed in their advertising. However, if you are hoping for a sandwich packed with meat, melted cheese, mayo and a ton of veggies, you most likely will not be eating one of the low fat varieties. 





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  • katrina

    yes i agree that subway should be considered as fast food , i work at a subway and i find myself trying not to eat any of it but it lures you in .. also last night i actually read the ingredients for the wheat and white bread and the wheat had over atleast 30 ingredients and the white bread had about 17 ingredients, If you think aboout it though how many indredients would you use to make bread at home , probibly about 5….its just too sad people cant believe in comercialized heatlh !