Striptease Cardio Workouts: A Fun, Flirty Way to Burn Fat

There are many ways to exercise and many different cardio workouts to choose from. A new type of workout available is a cardio striptease, and it is a fun way to burn fat, tone muscles and boost your self esteem.

Striptease cardio workouts can be called by many different names such as cardio strip, cardio striptease and aerobic striptease, but they are all based on the same basic idea.  They take moves from a traditional striptease performance, as well as the ideas and principles from yoga and Pilates, and turn them into a fun, fat burning workout.

A Workout for Anyone

A striptease cardio workout is for people of all ages and all workout levels. Once the main ideas and moves of these types of workouts are learned, they can be built up and spiced up. The moves can be made sexier and done as if you were doing a performance for that special someone.

No Special Equipment Required

To do a striptease workout, there is no need for any special equipment or workout clothes.  Some people even prefer to do these workouts in bare feet. Some people like to wear high heels to get the effect of the striptease, and some people will even wear costumes to get into the mood. No matter what you wear or what your comfort level is, doing this workout will get you to burn some fat and have a good time while doing it.

Different Ways to Do This Workout

This workout can be done in many different ways.  DVDs can be purchased, it can be done with an online session or a formal class can be taken. Each workout is taught a little differently. Some are geared more to the workout side, while others are geared towards the striptease side and will teach you a routine that you can perform for your partner.

There are classes that teach just the moves and there are other classes that involve a pole dance workout into the class. Some DVDs when purchased come with the pole, so you can learn to do the poles moves in the privacy of your own home.

No matter what your preference is in how the workout is taught, the average workout will burn between 400 and 500 calories in an hour. A lot of the moves are focused on toning the core and burning fat. The moves are also done in a way to make you feel sexy. When you feel sexy, you feel better about yourself.

Striptease cardio workouts are an excellent workout to do, whether you are a beginner looking for a fun workout, or you have been working out for awhile and want to change up your routine. Doing a cardio striptease workout at least three times a week, along with eating right and doing some weight training, you will be able to see results in no time. You will also feel great about yourself and boost your self esteem (and your partner will appreciate the new routines you are doing).


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