Stretching to Avoid Back Injury

Many avid exercisers may experience a mild to severe back injury if they don’t properly stretch the back muscles before engaging in rigorous exercises. Stretching to avoid back injury can help to offset any problems and get the maximum benefit from a workout.

There are many types of stretching exercises that are beneficial to the health condition of a person’s back. The back holds a lot of complicated and sophisticated muscles. It is a very sensitive area that is susceptible to injury when it is overworked. Great care should be taken to ensure that the correct exercises are performed to get optimal results from your stretches.

Types of Stretches

There are five types of stretches that are beneficial and will help a person avoid a back injury. Each of these stretches can be performed on a daily basis. With each repetition, each pose should be held anywhere from five to thirty seconds, depending on the person’s health condition and tolerance level. The stretches should never hurt, but should be challenging enough to feel a gentle tug on the muscles in the back. The stretches are:

Low-Back Stretch

This stretch is done in a straight-back chair with relaxed shoulders and arms at your side. Press the small of the back against the back of the waist. The person should allow their hands to fall to the floor while resting their head on their knees.

Spinal Twist

This stretch is also done from a seated position in a straight-back chair. The person crosses their arms over their chest while keeping their stomachs tightly tucked in while gently twisting. Change sides and repeat in the opposite direction.

Reach Up

This stretching routine is simply reaching up. With the knees, bent, the person raises her arms out to the side and brings her arms together, with the palms facing up. They should reach up as high as they can go without pulling the muscle. There should be a gentle tug felt. The arms are then brought to a resting position beside the body.

Extended-Arm Stretch

The legs are should-width apart with the feet facing forward and the knees straight. The arms at the person’s side and the palms are facing up. Bend the body to the left with the palms facing the floor and slide the left arm down the leg. Hold the position and then slowly return to an upright position. Repeat in the opposite direction and be sure to keep the head aligned with the spine and face forward at all times.


Lay on the floor with the arms at the sides. Raise the left arm above the body and simultaneously cross the left leg over the right knee. Repeat the stretch on the opposite side.

These stretches can help a person avoid serious back injury while toning and conditioning the back muscles at the same time. With practice and consistency, the stretching routines will become easier. The benefits of stretching can be seen and felt in a minimal amount of time.


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