Stress Free: How to Maintain a Low Heart Rate

A proper heart rate is the key to having a long life. It has been said that having a proper heart rate is one sign of having good health. There are many advantages that a person can get from maintaining a low heart rate, such as acquiring a shapely body, having a relaxing and stress-free kind of life, exhibiting more self confidence, and above all, having a longer life.

The human heart has been considered as one of the most important organs in the human body. It supplies blood to various parts of the body to enable the system to function well. Ideally, the normal heart rate should be below 220. High blood pressure and rapid heart rate are early symptoms of various heart diseases. There are several drugs available in the market today that promise to lower heart rate. However, for those looking for natural ways to do it, here are some:

Proper Diet

Eating the right kind of food is one of the most vital ways of lowering one’s heart rate. Taking in foods that have low sodium content and are rich in protein, such as dairy products, whole grains, spinach, raisins, fresh fruits, and figs, can help lower your heart rate. In addition, a daily dosage of folic acid is proven to lower heart rate in a natural way. In most cases, people with irregular heart rates and those who suffer from heart palpitations are found to have deficiency in potassium, magnesium and calcium in their food.

Less Caffeine

If you are addicted to coffee or other drinks with high caffeine content such as soda and teas or pain killers and diet pills, then it’s about time to stay away from those. Caffeine is considered a potent stimulant. Most people who have high blood pressure and those who are suffering from increased heart rate problems should avoid drinking coffee. To make sure you are buying the right drink for yourself, make it a habit to check the label to see if caffeine is present in the product. 

Maintain an Ideal Weight

If you are suffering from weight problems or obesity, it is necessary to lose the extra pounds to lower your heart rate. It is a common scenario for people with weight problems to see an increased in their heart rate after performing simple activities, such as walking. A low fat diet is ideal for overweight people. In addition, performing exercises regularly will help in losing some extra pounds.


A strong and healthy heart can be achieved by performing regular exercises. Cardiovascular exercises are the kinds of exercises that one needs to do to ensure a lower heart rate. This can be done by jogging, running, walking and swimming.

To attain a lower heart rate it’s vital to make some changes in your life. If you smoke, then it’s time to quite. If you don’t exercise regularly, then it’s time to start now. There are some sacrifices that needed to be done to ensure a stronger heart and a longer life.


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