Strength Training For Women – What’s Different?

A lot of women are very hesitant when the topic of strength training women arises. There seems to be this inherent fear of bulking up too much and gaining an excessive amount of muscle mass. The truth is that this is very uncommon in women, and often times weight training is the best way of toning your body in order to give it the shape you desire. Keep in mind that using weights and strength training does not mean you need to engage in a severe bodybuilding program.

Strength Training for Women

While it is true that women should avoid lifting overly heavy weights if they don’t want to look too big, some women take this concept too far. They end up strengthtraining and toning with puny 2 pound weights that really won’t make a difference. Strength training for women is all about finding a happy medium: engaging your muscles enough and putting them through a rigorous workout, without overdoing it.

The differences between men and women’s training programs are not overly abundant. Men are built in a different way, and it is their testosterone levels that allow them to bulk up more than women. This is why you do not have to concern yourself with lifting too much, if you have a fear of looking like the Hulk.

Benefits of Strength Training for Women

The benefits are almost endless when it comes to strength training, and this is why so many women are turning to weights (rather than low calorie diets). While severely low calorie diets can slow the metabolism and bring on depression, weight training energizes your body and really tones and chisels your look. 

With the proper usage of weights you can look better, feel better, and actually eat more! What more could you ask for?!


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