Street vs Stationary: The Different Types of Fitness Cycling

Fitness cycling is popular to seasoned fitness buffs and new to the workout world. Cycling offers ease on the joints while still providing an intense cardio burn. With the availability of stationary bikes and spin classes, cycling is easy to take indoors during the winter. On the other side is street cycling, which is also immensely popular. Whether you prefer to cycle out on the streets or in the comfort of your favorite gym, cycling offers a great cardio workout while toning your lower body. Consider the differences between the two types of cycling to find which is better for your style of fitness.

Street Cycling

Street cycling offers a number of benefits you can’t find with indoor cycling. Some of these benefits include:

  • Enjoyment of the outdoors
  • Exploring your local area
  • Taking part in races
  • Cycling with friends
  • Mode of transportation

If you enjoy exploring the outdoors and like to get together with friends on weekends, street cycling offers those two things in one. Many communities, both large and small, are offering more cycling paths and trails. Whether you live in a large city or rural area, there are places you can explore that you won’t find in a gym. Runners participate in races that take place throughout the year, and it’s the same in the fitness cycling community. Most races are for a local charity or sports organization. Races offer you the opportunity to meet fellow cyclists and support a local organization. If you’re looking for a way to be more green or just get to work without sitting in traffic, cycling can offer both with little expense to your wallet and a fitness routine in the process.

Stationary Cycling

Stationary cycling also offers a wealth of benefits that can help meet the needs of your life. These benefits include:

  • Cycling indoors
  • Working out with friends
  • Minimal expense
  • Combine with other fitness routines
  • Instructor support if needed

Fitness cycling indoors on a stationary bike offers the warmth and dry conditions you look for when working out in the winter. Cycling at the gym also gives you the opportunity to get your entire routine done in one visit, instead of street cycling and then finding time to run down to the gym. When your workout is all in one place you will be more likely to complete it. Many gyms offer spinning classes, which is a class focused on stationary bikes. This class offers the opportunity to work out with friends and others in a fun, friendly environment. It also pushes you past your limits, as you have an instructor pushing you throughout the class.

The Right Cycle for You

When deciding which form of fitness cycling is right for you, take a look at the benefits of each one and determine which is the best for your fitness personality. The key to lifelong fitness is to keep it interesting and stay committed. If you’re an outdoor person, opt for a good street cycle and enjoy the outdoors in new ways. If you would rather hang out at the gym, for the cost of only your gym membership you have access to a number of stationary bikes and possibly a spin class, too. If you work out at home, you can find a reasonable stationary bike to purchase.

Fitness cycling is a great way to keep your cardio up while taking it easy on your joints. If you’re an avid runner, fitness cycling is the preferred method for cross-training, recovery and changing up your routine to take the strain off your knees.


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