Stop Overexercising to Cope with Stress

We normally think of exercising as a positive activity that helps to alleviate stress. Stress is commonly caused by negative factors and influences, like feeling overburdened at work or having money issues. However, if you’re constantly feeling stressed and are exercising intensely five or more times a week, you may want to consider cutting down on your exercise routine to help you cope with your current stress level. Overexercising can actually contribute to your overwhelmed and agitated feelings. Consider reevaluating your routine so that you don’t constantly feel “on the go.”

Everything Is Good In Moderation

The word “moderation” is constantly being drilled into your minds on all kinds of topics–and for good reason. Most things are good, or at least harmless, when they’re done in moderation. That stands true for exercise. If you overexercise, you’ll wear yourself down and could potentially feel tired all of the time. There really isn’t any reason for a person to exercise every single day. Your body needs at least a day or two off to recover and rest. If you’re tired and worn out, you’ll be more prone to feeling stressed. At the end of a busy and stressful day, do yourself a favor and go home for a nap. Don’t rush to the gym right away.

Overexercising Leads to Stress About Your Body

Exercise is good for you, there’s no doubt about that, but it can become unhealthy when you do it excessively. Exercise helps you feel in control of your body. Overexercising often results from having control issues and body image issues. If you’re exercising too much and don’t see any visible results from your cardiovascular and strength training efforts, stress about the situation is common.

You’re best to look at exercise as an activity to incorporate into your life in moderation. Find activities that you actually enjoy, like a fun kickboxing class or a bike ride around your neighborhood, so that you’re physically active without all of the focus on bettering your body. Look at exercise as an activity you should enjoy. Also, if you need to let off some steam to alleviate stress after work and normally take it to the gym, consider taking a less intense walk instead. You don’t have to go to the gym six days a week!

Exercise Isn’t Always What You Need

Sometimes it simply feels good to go partake in a hard, sweaty workout when you’re feeling stressed, but it might not be what you need. Listen to your body. Maybe what you need is something less physical. Enjoy a good meal with a friend. Watch your favorite movie or take a nice long bubble bath while listening to your favorite music. There are plenty of ways to unwind that don’t require your sneakers and gym bag.

How will you know if you’re overexercising? Everybody is different, but if you find yourself feeling stressed about your body or your current gym routine on top of your daily activities (like work, family or school) you may need to scale back on the exercise and take some non-physical time for yourself.


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