Staying Motivated: Group Fitness Classes That Work

Group fitness classes are a great way to stay motivated in any workout regimen. After all, it’s a commonly known fact that a person is more likely to stick to a regular fitness routine if it involves cardiovascular and strength training activities she actually enjoys. With the plethora of group fitness classes available, it’s nearly impossible not to find one or two enjoyable classes. Not only that, working out in a group setting makes it easy to stay motivated. Here are some classes to try.

Have a Party with Zumba

Not every kind of group fitness class is going to appeal to every person. Zumba is great for anyone craving variety. It’s also easy to stay motivated when taking Zumba because it’s fun. Especially after a long day of work or class, Zumba feels more like a dance party than a strict workout regimen. Unlike a monotonous individual workout, Zumba is something to look forward to at the beginning or end of your day. With its fun and uplifting music and dance-inspired movements, it’s an un-intimidating workout class. Most classes are filled with people of all ages and all levels. The energy is contagious and you’ll likely find yourself losing track of time in class. When you’re having fun working out, it’s easy to not become discouraged.

Challenge Yourself with Boot Camp Classes

While having fun working out is one way to stay motivated, challenging yourself is another way to keep at your fitness routine. One of the most intense group fitness classes out there is Boot Camp. The name says it all: the class format is filled with drills that will challenge you both mentally and physically. While the class may seem intimidating, you’ll be surrounded by individuals pushing themselves to their limits. Being around people who are trying to get into the best shape possible is motivating. When you see the person next to you doing fifty push-ups, you’ll find yourself trying to keep up and do the same.

Overall, when it comes to working out it’s good to have a mix of moderate and hard classes to stay motivated. The moderate classes will make you feel good about your skill level and the difficult classes will keep you motivated to try even harder.

Sculpt Your Body with Body Conditioning

Sometimes seeing results quickly is the best way to keep yourself motivated. When taking a group fitness class like Body Sculpt or Body Conditioning, you’ll do just that. Since these classes are focused more on strength training than cardio (even though you’ll get a cardio workout in the process), you’ll begin to see muscle definition after about a month or two of class. Seeing your biceps become more defined and your quadriceps become more toned is great motivation to keep going at your routine. As opposed to weight lifting on your own, taking one of these classes keeps you focused and motivated. When nobody around you is stopping, neither should you.

Obviously, there are many other group fitness classes you can take to stay motivated in your work out routine. The best way to find what works for you is to try them all.


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