Stationary Exercise Bike vs. Elliptical: Which Burns More Calories?

The age old stationary exercise bike has been the fitness staple of housewives worldwide for decades. First to be promoted as the easy at home exerciser, the stationary exercise bike uses the pedalling action and main components of the standard bike, on an immobile machine, to emulate riding on different terrains. Since its original and crude design, electronically controlled and sleek new models have been made which offer a better and more challenging workout, and there has been an influx of other electronic home exercise aids on the market such as the elliptical machine.

Know about Calories

Calories are units of energy that are contained in the foods and liquids which we consume. They are also a unit of energy that can be expelled during activity, whether it is sedentary or intense. The focus of a healthy fitness and diet regime is to maintain a healthy weight by ensuring the amount of energy that goes in to the body is used up through activity during the day. Taking this into consideration, the ability to lose weight is then based on a formula that comprises of expending more energy or calories than is consumed. Even the unconscious act of breathing whilst sleeping causes calorie usage at a rate of around 25 to 50 calories per hour, so intense physical activity can burn through a large amount of calories in a short time.

Workout and Calories of the Stationary Bike

The stationary exercise bike is a lower body exerciser; it uses the muscles groups in the legs, the buttocks and the lower abdomen to continue the pedalling motion. The stationary bike can be programmed to achieve a specific workout such as to imitate an incline ride which requires more effort, and therefore will burn more calories. Leading health and fitness entities have benchmarked the stationary exercise bike at having a calorie burn rate of around 100 to 300 per hour of exercise, dependant on effort.

Workout and Calories of the Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine is a whole body workout, using the muscles in the arms as well as the legs and also the buttocks, the abdomen, the back, the shoulders and the obliques. It requires constant balance which creates a higher core strength workout, like the plank. The ability to hold one’s body in a certain position for a period of time creates strength; a strength that emanates from the centre of the body and flows outwards to the limbs. Core strength equals higher calorie burn. The elliptical machine, like the bike can be programmed for specific workout needs. The benchmarked burn rate of the elliptical machine is at 300 calories per hour and above, dependant on effort.  

Looking at the details above, the elliptical machine is definitely the higher rate of calorie burning between the two, due to the core strengthening qualities and overall muscular usage.



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