Soccer Fitness Training for Women

Soccer fitness training is a great way for women to tone up and lose weight.  It is very easy and can be done almost anywhere. Soccer players must condition themselves constantly so they are in shape both in season and during the off season. Soccer is considered an endurance sport and is totally unpredictable.  The game can switch up at anytime, and a player needs to be able to quickly anticipate his opponent’s next move and get there quickly. Games are typically played at 80 to 90 percent of a players maximum heart rate.

Soccer is a great exercise for anyone who would like to get into shape. There are many exercises women can do to get into soccer fitness shape. Warming up is essential.

Warm Up

Any athlete should definitely warm up prior to exercise.  A proper warm up will assist with improving agility, skill and power. It can decrease the risk of injury and get a player focused for the game. For soccer training, there are many drills such as passing, dribbling and group drills that a person can do prior to the game. Stretching is also an important aspect prior to exercising. The muscles should be stretched so that the risk of injury is decreased.

Conditioning exercises for soccer falls into three groups: aerobic, anaerobic, and speed and agility. Aerobic exercise is exercise that helps the heart and lungs become more efficient for running. Anaerobic exercise is generally characterized by a short burst of speed or power. An example of such is sprinting. This is an anaerobic exercise. An effective and successful soccer player always needs to be quick and agile on her feet.

There are many drills and activities that are easy to learn. Practice makes perfect, and a woman can firm up and lose weight by performing these easy exercises. Completing these exercises three days per week to start is reasonable. Work your way up to working out daily. These activities will definitely burn those calories.

Easy Soccer Fitness Training Activities

A conditioning drill that can help with preparing your body for soccer is to run. A woman can go to her local high school track and sprint down the straight lanes and jogs the curves; it is a good combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. She should try to run as fast as she can, and then rest while jogging around the curve. She could even dribble a soccer ball as she runs.

A female soccer player should never let endurance be the reason for losing a game. As the game goes on, players get tired, and there are exercises that can help improve endurance. For example, running up and down long flights of stairs is a good way to improve muscle endurance. The key is intensity and not volume, so make the time and energy matter.

Ball Handling Exercises

Ball handling skills are another area that will improve with practice. Some easy exercises to improve in this area are to find an empty concrete wall. The player can practice kicking the ball to the wall and retrieving the ricochet. She can continue to do this to improve her skills. Moving the ball is another vital skill that can always be practiced. She can use cones or other objects to dribble the ball around. Ball control is the key, so practice, practice, practice.

There are many ways a woman can exercise for fitness training for soccer.  Soccer is an endurance sport in which a player needs to train year round to be prepared and physically fit for the games. Soccer is a super way for women to tone their bodies and keep them fit.


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