Slimming Tricks: Lose Weight Instantly with Jewelry

You can lose weight instantly by dressing to flatter your figure. Different styles and cuts of clothing can make you look pounds slimmer. How you wear your jewelry, and what jewelry you wear, can make a big difference. Here’s how you can lose weight in the blink of an eye by choosing jewelry that makes you look slimmer.

Highlight Your Best Features

Others will naturally pay more attention to those parts of your body that you choose to adorn with jewelry, so wear jewelry in a way that highlights your most attractive assets. If you have a pear shaped figure, long necklaces, chunky earrings, bangles and bracelets will attract attention away from your wide hips and thighs. If you’re an apple shaped woman, wear short chains, bracelets and earrings to draw attention away from your midsection, and up to your bustline, neck and face. Anklets also flatter the apple shaped figure, since many apple shaped women have attractive legs and dainty ankles.

Wear Big Earrings

Large, flashy earrings, hoop earrings and dangly earrings have a slimming effect and they can also downplay big ears, because others will be inclined to pay more attention to the earrings you’re wearing than to the ears you’re wearing them on. Hoop and dangly earrings frame your face and add definition to your cheekbones. They also attract attention upward, toward your face and neck, and away from your midsection, hips, thighs or other problem areas.

Wear Bracelets

If you have thick wrists, wear thick, chunky bracelets to disguise them. Thick, heavy bracelets will compliment your body shape. If you have thin, delicate wrists, however (as many larger women do), avoid chunky bracelets that could look too large when balanced against your fine wristbones.

Wear Long Chains

If you’d like to make your neck look longer, wear long chain necklaces. Long necklaces make your neck look slimmer and longer by drawing the gaze downward along the length of the throat. However, be careful when combining long, dangly earrings with long necklaces, as the effect can be overwhelming. Wear shorter, flashy earrings with your long chain, to attract some attention to your face and keep people from staring at your belly.

Wear Cocktail Rings

Wear cocktail rings if you want to downplay the appearance of short, stubby, thick fingers. In fact, cocktail rings are ideally suited to the larger woman. If you’d like to draw attention away from your fingers and hands, wear a stylish, tasteful cocktail ring. Just make sure the ring you choose isn’t so big that it overwhelms your hand.

Let One Piece Do All the Talking

Wearing the right jewelry in the right places can make you look pounds thinner, but wearing too much jewelry, or too many flashy pieces at once, makes you look tacky. Wear one flashy piece, such as a stunning pendant, and keep the other pieces simple and complimentary.


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