Slimming Clothes: What to Look for in Patterns, Cuts and Styles

Slimming clothes can add tons of pleasure to your day, when that special someone smiles brightly when you enter the room and says, “Wow, you look great. What have you been doing?” The compliment is well deserved, because it’s not “just the dress.” It’s the way you chose your clothes smartly to hide flaws and showcase how nice you can look. If you are not yet sure, though, on how to choose slimming clothes, here are strategies that wardrobe stylists recommend.

Forget What You’ve Heard

Learning about slimming clothes is easier if you cast aside old notions that don’t work in your favor. You may have heard these rules before: Wear black and navy only. Avoid big prints. Go for ponchos and shawls, or anything that covers you like a blanket.

You don’t have to be swaddled in massive ponchos over ankle-length dresses because you are self-conscious. You don’t always need to wear black and navy.

You can wear soft colors and fabrics that flow but do not cling. You may have excess pounds showing up mostly on your bottom half or you may have excess weight showing up mostly on your arms and torso. Evaluate advice carefully and accept what is relevant to your own shape. Some rules fit all problems; others do not.

Patterns: Yes, You Can

Apple-shaped women, heavier on top than on the bottom, get different opinions about patterns. Wardrobe experts may say that “apples” should not wear a pattern on the top. Others insist that women who are top-heavy need not shy away from the right kinds of patterns. Small, softly designed patterns are fine. If you are tall, graceful and confident, you can wear patterns well whether you are apple- or pear-shaped.

Cuts: A Finer Balance

  • Trousers–Do not choose pants that are “skinny” cut just because you have thin legs. You look your best when your outfit, and you, are in balance. Choose trousers or jeans that are not too skinny or choose a slight flair cut at the trouser bottom. Avoid capri-cut pants. They may make your legs look shorter.
  • Jackets–Your best cut is down to your hips, not cut off at your waist.
  • Dresses–A drop-waist cut is slimming. A dropped-waist dress sends the focus down to your hips rather than your tummy. You will appear taller and leaner as a result.

Style: All About You

Your inner confidence will always be your best attraction no matter how much you weigh. The good news about styles is that you have a lot to choose from to make you feel as good on the outside as on the inside. Day dresses are back in fashion. You can have more fun than ever shopping around for varied styles that are good for the fuller figure. Try empire-style dresses and shifts. Add on casual-cut jackets with no shoulder padding and no shiny adornments on the shoulders. Don’t choose double-breasted buttons that show bulges in the wrong places. Choose jacket lines that look neat and balanced.


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