Slim-Fast has been proven by independent studies to be one of the most successful diet programs on the market – for weight loss, as well as weight loss maintenance. The plan is simple, and has changed little over the years. Basically, meals are replaced in part by Slim-Fast shakes and bars, supplemented with a 500 calorie dinner, plus snacks of fruits and vegetables.

With new methods of weight loss – such as low carb, low sugar, etc, Slim-Fast has created new lines to keep up with these popular plans. Slim-Fast now has Original, Low Carb, High Protein, Optima (reduced sugar) and even a Lactose/Gluten Free line.You can choose from ready to drink shakes, powders, and snack bars.

Slim-Fast has a quite extensive website listing meal plans based on your weight, registered dietitians that will personally answer your questions, lists of frozen dinners and fast food meals that will fit within the plan, and more calculators and tools that will help you stick to the diet. We found the tools helpful, but the forum was very difficult to find our way around.

The Products
We found all of the Slim-Fast products to taste good, but we liked some more than others. The original, full sugar version, was just like chocolate milk. Sweet, and we never would have known it wasn’t a scoop of Quik! The Optima wasn’t as sweet and tasty, but it kept us full longer. Both the High Protein and the Low Carb drinks were not quite as tasty, and a bit more grainy, but still better than many meal replacements that we’ve tried in our time. The bars are good, and over all a quick snack when necessary, but we prefer adding in whole foods like fruits and vegetables for snacks, whenever possible.

We think Slim-Fast is one of the smarter moves for today’s busy dieter to make. The makers of Slim-Fast have worked hard to make sure that the shakes are full of nutrition that we need, which means we have no excuse to grab a burger when we can grab a Slim Fast instead! They’re fast and easy, which is one of the main reasons that people gain weight in the first place – not enough time to cook right. Furthermore, we’ve found in our surveys that lack of time to cook is one of the top reasons dieters don’t stick with a diet. On the downside, this is processed food, with artificial colorings, flavorings, and preservatives, so we suggest that if you follow the Slim-Fast plan, that you supplement your day with as many whole foods as possible, and avoid additional convenience foods such as frozen dinners, fast food and restaurants.


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