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We all know that adequate sleep aids the body in weight-loss, but creators of the Sleep N Slim product have taken that premise to a whole new level. Eurobotanicals has developed what they call a natural product that helps the body burn fat, shed weight, and build lean muscle mass without the need for dieting or exercising. They go as far as to say all you need is Sleep N Slim taken before bed and a goodnight sleep to get fit.

The Premise: Sleep N Slim is a combination of natural amino acids that are allegedly formulated to encourage the pituitary gland to bump up its production of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in the body. HGH is a key component in keeping the body young, energetic, and vital, and the natural aging process diminishes that production. Theoretically, reduced HGH causes low energy, greying hair, deteriorating muscle tone, a slower metabolism, and subsequently weight gain. By increasing HGH production, Sleep N Slim should help your body rejuvenate itself. It will also supercharge your metabolism to burn fat and create muscle like it did during adolescents and young adulthood.

The Diet:  Sleep N Slim is not a traditional weight-loss supplement or pill. It is a liquid formula that’s taken only once a day, and it works independent from your daily activity and calorie consumption. Each evening before bed, you mix half an ounce of formula into a glass of water, and drink it on an empty stomach. Then get a good nights rest. That’s it; No exercise, no dieting, and no changes in your current lifestyle. The product works while you sleep. You should continue to use the liquid, as indicated, until you achieve the desired weight-loss. 

What to get excited about: This product is easy to purchase online, and it requires no complicated instructions, meal plans, or special prepared foods. Dieters that find themselves with limited time and have little motivation to tackle more complicated or time-consuming plans, will be drawn to this product. It also promises higher energy levels.

Things to consider: While some diet website forums have users who profess to have actually lost weight with Sleep N Slim, there is no scientific evidence to back up the company’s claims of fat burning, muscle building, or appetite suppressing. The ingredients listed on the product itself do not list any substances known to be an appetite suppressant or  a fat burner. In addition, there is no company-offered guarantee on this product, as most successful weight-loss supplements provide. Finally, the product is not inexpensive, priced at about $50 for a monthly supply.

The Verdict: When looking for a dietary weight-loss supplement, it is important to scrutinize the ingredients in the product to make sure there are no fillers being used, that the company stands behind their product with a guarantee, and that there is some visible evidence that the product actually does what it claims. In the case of Sleep N Slim, none of those factors exist.


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