Six Snacks to Enjoy for Healthy Travel

Healthy travel is about sticking to your eating and exercise habits while you’re in unfamiliar surroundings. You might be enjoying a cruise, spending the weekend in a hotel or taking a trip with the entire family to Disneyland. No matter why you are out and about, it is important to know which foods are the best for healthy travel. You don’t necessarily have to worry about everything you eat during a vacation or while on a business trip, but keeping a few snacks on hand can help you stick to a sensible diet overall.


These handy snacks are easy to keep in a small backpack or purse, and can be eaten just about anywhere while you are on the go. They are full of protein in addition to healthy fats so they will help to keep you full between meals. Almonds are also perfect for adding to salads and rice dishes to help bulk the meal up.

Dried Fruit

This is a snack that can help take care of your sweet tooth any time of day while providing a good source of fiber to help fill you up. Dried cherries, plums, cranberries and mangos are all good choices. Try to choose products that don’t have any added sugars so your blood glucose won’t spike after you eat them.

Granola Bars

When it comes to healthy travel, it is important to make sure hearty options are easily accessible so you aren’t ever feeling hungry. After all, hunger can lead to bad eating decisions. Keep a granola bar with you while you are on the run as it can provide a quick pick-me-up to hold you over until meal time.


Many hotels have microwaves in each room, so popping some popcorn before bed is a great way to snack without the guilt. If you don’t have access to a microwave, consider purchasing bags of already popped popcorn for easy snacking.


This is a salty snack that can really break up the monotony when it comes to snacking. You can fill up a few sandwich bags with pretzels at the hotel and take them with you while you’re out sightseeing so you don’t have to worry about stopping for food throughout the day.

Cheese Sticks

These are small enough to easily carry and they pack a big punch when it comes to nutrition. Cheese provides plenty of calcium and protein so it will satisfy you when you’re hungry and help you stay pumped for your workout too.

A little creativity can result in plenty of options when it comes to healthy travel. You can easily mix and match any of the options discussed here to create an entire meal or just to keep things from getting boring on your trip. Don’t forget that eating right is only one aspect of staying healthy and even while traveling, regular workouts will help to keep you feeling strong and fit.



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