Six Exercises to Pair with the Body for Life Diet

The Body for Life program is a system of diet, nutritional supplements, and exercise that has consistently produced excellent results for those dedicated enough to stick with it. Studies have shown that compared to the average sedentary American, those who follow Body for Life have more muscle mass; less body fat; lower cholesterol levels; and lower blood pressure. The following are some of the exercises you should pair with the Body for Life diet, along with a brief description of the expected routine, so you can consider whether the program meets your current needs.

The Routine

Body for Life recommends 6 days of training per week, with the 7th day for rest. The 6 days of exercise are split, alternating, between cardio workouts and planned weight training, so you have 3 days of each per week. The 3 days of weight training are carefully planned, with alternating days of upper body training and lower body and abdomen training, although there is room for personalization within the possible permutations of exercises. The cardio training is much more flexible: pretty much any sort of aerobic exercise is appropriate as long as it lasts for 20 minutes and can have varying degrees of intensity.

Cardio Exercises

On the Body for Life plan, cardio exercise should be done three days a week (alternating) for periods of 20 minutes at a time. It should start with a warm-up, then 4 high points of intensity spread over the 20 minute period (with lighter, but still intense exercise in between). After the final high point, you should cool down and then rest.

1. Running: Running doesn’t require any expensive gear, only an open space and a watch. Sprint in between jogging to reach the high points of intensity.

2. Jumping Rope: All that’s needed to jump rope is the rope itself, so this activity is inexpensive and doesn’t require a lot of space. Establish a moderate rhythm punctuated by short periods of rapid jumping for the high points.

3. Biking: If you enjoy riding a bicycle, some quick riding can be a great way to get cardio exercise. Just make sure you’re pushing yourself intensity wise, as it’s easy to approach a bicycle with a recreational attitude.

Weight-Training Exercises

Body for Life has a very specific approach to its weight-training program. Here are a few examples of the exercises.

1. Barbell Bench Presses: This exercise helps build your pectoral muscles. A rack, barbell, and weights are needed for this exercise.

2. Pull-ups: This requires less equipment than a barbell bench press – just a well-installed pull-up bar is needed. This exercise will help to develop the muscles in your back.

3. Alternate Dumbbell Curls: You will need several pairs of dumbbells of different weights for this exercise, which will help to build your biceps.

The Body for Life program is an effective diet and workout routine, that when used appropriately can have major benefits to your health and strength.


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