Should You Consult a Nutrition Coach?

Hiring a nutrition coach may be a good idea if you are dealing with weight loss challenges, eating disorders, health issues or simply have a desire to establish healthy patterns of eating. While a great deal of nutrition information is available on the Internet and in bookstores, sometimes having a personal nutrition coach can make the difference between implementing a comprehensive nutritional plan that achieves your goals and a pieced-together diet plan that leaves you doubtful and unfulfilled.

Nutrition Knowledge

One reason to hire a nutrition coach is if you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of good nutrition. Studying this topic on your own may be challenging because so much information exists out there. Learning the basic food groups, understanding caloric needs based on body height and weight, knowing how to eat well-balanced meals, deciphering between conflicting information about organic versus non-organic, these are topics that a nutrition coach can help to clarify.

If you are looking to lose weight sometimes it is a matter of understanding how best to combine foods, how often to eat, which foods to eliminate and what is meant by a small portion size. For example, much guidance is given in ounces and pounds with regards to food recommendations. Some dieters do not weigh their food or understand portion sizes. Interacting with a nutrition coach who can give you practical advice would be helpful. For example, three ounces of red meat is the size of a deck of cards. This is information that may be useful to you and is the type of guidance that may be offered by interacting with a nutrition coach who can answer more specific questions.

Familiarity with Health Issues

When it comes to dealing with health issues, it is wise to choose a nutrition coach who specializes in the particular health issue. For example, a nutrition coach who has extensive experience with type 2 diabetes would be familiar with the recent studies which indicate that prevention and reversal of type 2 diabetes is possible through a comprehensive diet, exercise and lifestyle adjustment. Studies have found that specific foods such as refined carbohydrates, high fat foods, and foods high in sugar have an adverse effect on diabetes patients. A nutrition coach who specializes in this area would take such findings into consideration when prescribing a balanced meal plan.

Eating Disorders and Nutrition

Additionally, when dealing with an eating disorder, for example, a nutrition coach who specializes in this area would be familiar with the mental and emotional triggers that accompany eating disorders. Nutritional advice would take into consideration the underlying psychological challenges that accompany the disorder. Sometimes it is not just about the delivery of nutritional information but also about the understanding and sensitivity needed to diagnose eating-related issues before recommending effective eating plans and lifestyle suggestions.

In conclusion, if you are equipped with nutritional knowledge and are generally healthy, you may not be in need of a nutrition coach. Others who need the additional counseling, information, coaching and guidance may decide that a nutrition coach is just the type of assistance they need to lose weight, overcome an eating disorder, recover from a health issue or establish healthier eating patterns.


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