Shape-Ups vs. Easy Tones: The Best Bet on Fitness Shoes

Fitness shoes are the new way to shape and tone up the body in record time. They promise toned buttocks and shapely legs, but which are the best fitness shoes on the market today–Sketcher Shape-Ups or Reebok Easy Tones?

About Sketcher Shape-Ups

The website for these fitness shoes states that they will promote weight loss, tone the muscles in the body, and improve the posture. Sketchers claims that this is the perfect fitness shoe that will help to tone up the body during simple walking. If you detest the gym, Shape-Ups may be the only thing you need to purchase to get fit. If you suffer from tension in the knees or ankles, another great thing about these fitness shoes is the ease on the joints.

The muscles in the legs and buttocks are forced to work because of the shoe’s unique patent that simulates walking on sand. If you have ever tried to walk on sand you know that the calves get a fantastic workout and start to tone up. This is exactly what happens in your body when you wear Sketcher Shape-Ups. Walking on concrete works the muscles of the legs, but not enough to cause a significant reduction in weight loss over the short term. Long-term walking on any surface will cause weight loss, but most individuals are looking for that quick fix.

About Reebok Easy Tones

The Reebok Easy Tones promote similar benefits to Sketcher’s Shape-Ups. Just like a stability ball offers instability to the core muscles, Reebok states that their fitness shoe offers the same, therefore forcing the body to use more muscles when walking. The claims are that there will be a 28% increase in tone in the buttock muscles, and an 11% increase in tone in the leg area.

Positives and Negatives of Each Shoe

  • Positive. Shape-Ups have various styles available.
  • Positive. Shape-Ups are available for both males and females.
  • Positive. Shape-Ups are affordable.
  • Negative. Shape-Ups may not look as attractive as other fitness shoes.
  • Positive. Shape-Ups simulate walking on sand, therefore giving the muscles of the calves and buttocks and thorough workout.
  • Negative. Shape-Ups may prove difficult to exercise with due to their sturdy design and four soles.
  • Positive. Easy Tones offer instability when walking which works out the muscles of the legs and buttocks harder than with a normal fitness shoe.
  • Positive. Easy Tones do not have a sole as thick as the Shape-Up fitness shoes.
  • Negative. Easy Tones are available for women only.
  • Positive. Easy Tones look more attractive than Shape-Ups.
  • Positive. Easy Tones are customizable to fit your fashion and color tastes.
  • Negative. Easy Tones are expensive.

Which Shoe Is the Best? 

Both shoes will take some getting used to as they both promote heel-to-toe walking, which work the entire muscles of the legs. Studies have shown that both shoes work equally well. Easy Tones may be more expensive than Shape-Ups, but if you like to look fashionable during a walk, opt for Easy Tones. 


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