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The L.A. Shape Diet was created by Dr. David Heber. Heber believes that all people have “two shapes.” Thus, his diet is based upon the notion that individuals simply have to find their desired shape in order to lose weight. All L.A. Shape Diet plans are individualized, and Heber claims that all of the diet plans are also easy to follow.

The Premise: This diet is not aimed at reducing fat in any one particular area. Instead, the Shape diet is based upon the idea that all people have different shapes (pear, apple…). According to diet specifications, recognizing your shape will help you to reduce fat in those stubborn areas. The Shape diet is not based upon BMI or weight; it is based upon a completely different method of determining your overall weight loss potential. Dr. Heber promises that each dieter will find out what this method is upon signing up for the diet. Eating protein plays a large part in helping dieters to lose weight on the Shape diet.

The Diet: While all Shape diet plans are customized, all dieters will start off by replacing two meals with special “Empowering Shakes.” These protein shakes are meant to be mixed with fresh fruits. By replacing two meals with protein shakes, dieters are meant to feel full, tighter, and lose weight, since the shakes are calorie controlled. This protein plan is meant to last for 14 days.

Once you have managed to lose the weight that you want to, you are encouraged to stop taking the protein shakes. In place of the shakes, it is recommended that you increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, in addition to lean protein. The idea is you achieve your goal weight by using the protein shakes, and then you maintain that weight by eating healthier.

The Shape diet book contains a lot of useful information about meal plans, nutritional facts, and building muscle. Everything in the book is backed up by research, and it all makes a lot of sense. In addition, the Shape diet recommends that all dieters partake in some form of physical activity at least three times per week.

What to Get Excited Over: It is entirely possible to lose weight by replacing two meals per day with protein shakes. These shakes will provide most dieters with enough fuel to get through the day without feeling hungry.

Things to Consider: You may tire of the protein shakes before the 14 day diet plan is over. In addition, you might find it difficult to begin eating healthy meals once the shakes have been taken away from your diet. Also, an excess amount of protein is not wise unless you intend to exercise while drinking the shakes. 

Some protein shakes can also be high in sugar and salt, so this is something to watch out for. It should also be mentioned that dieters must buy the Empowering Shakes, which can add up to an expensive diet.

The Verdict: The protein shakes in the Shape diet really act as a kind of crutch for dieters. The addition of the Empowering Shakes will help you to control your daily food intake, though you might not be able to keep that weight off once you stop drinking the shakes. Those that can effectively follow this diet will find that they lose weight, but keeping that weight off will prove to be the hardest part.


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