Shaolin Qigong: Centering Your Chi

In Shaolin Qigong, centering your chi can be an extremely powerful thing, if you can master the correct way to do it. When centering your chi, you want the free flow of energy within the body to be in a perfectly harmonious state between yourself and the universe. This happens through the power of your mind.

The term Shaolin qigong refers to the Shaolin teachings developed in the Shaolin monastery in China from 1500 years ago.  The many contributions of masters over hundreds of years have lent this term to the practice of Shaolin Qigong that we use today. 

Deep Breathing to Center Chi

Several breathing exercise are used in order to attain a meditative state where your chi, also known as your inner energy, has a clear pathway through the meridians and channels of your body. Exercises that embody this powerful way of living include all martial arts.  That is the basis for harnessing the power from within, called your Qi (Chee).  Mastering this deep breathing to attain strong chi in the arts of Kung fu and tai chi, will gain you the awareness and ability to harness the best of your natural energy.

Benefits of Shaolin Qigong

Qigong has been gaining popularity among western approaches towards healing, and although is not religious in background, has definite spiritual development and mind opening benefits.  It is proven to invigorate the body through energy channels and can lessen the effects of negative pulls to your body, such as in:

  • depression
  • tensions
  • illness

The mastery of Shaolin Qigong is ongoing because one person can never experience the complete depth of this art.  There are many facets that only lead to more, but all facets will introduce some form of wellness into diet and health regimen.


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