Shake Weight vs Dumbbells: The Muscle Toning Test

If you are looking for a way to get fit and toned, look no further than the popular shake weight or traditional dumbbells. They both promise to tone the body if the exercises are performed regularly, but when it comes to the muscle-toning test, which is better?

The Shake Weight

This is an alternative product to the traditional dumbbells. The Shake Weight uses the muscles and tones them by shaking the weight rather than the usual lifting. Supposedly, the contraction in the muscle is greater, and may possibly give a much more effective workout than using dumbbells alone. The product is shook vigorously, thereby contracting the muscles faster than weight lifting. Yes, the Shake Weight may contract the muscles faster than dumbbells, but sometimes performing exercises slowly has more of a long-term effect. 

Positives and Negatives of the Shake Weight

  • Positive. They are affordable and available for both men and women.
  • Positive. Money back guarantee available.
  • Positive. Fast workout for the muscles.
  • Positive. Good to carry around.
  • Negative. False claims that they elongate the muscles more than traditional weight lifting.
  • Negative. Comes in just one weight for women, and one for men.


Dumbbells come in a variety of light, medium and heavy weights. They can be used singly to perform certain exercises to tone one area of the body, or they can be held in both hands and lifted to a certain number of repetitions and/or sets. Dumbbells are effective to use with weighted squats, bicep curls, lunges, bench press and many others. Dependent on the muscles used, dumbbells work by clenching and releasing the muscles, contracting the muscles more slowly. Many people do not realize how effective dumbbells are when used to tone the body. When the motion is performed correctly, the entire muscle is worked. Slower controlled repetitions will build strong muscle in the long term. 

Positives and Negatives of Dumbbells

  • Positive. They are available in a variety of weights, forms and sizes.
  • Positive. They will tone the muscles using lighter weights and more repetitions, or increase strength with heavier weights and small powerful sets.
  • Negative. If not performed correctly, dumbbell exercises can cause injury.
  • Negative. Gives a difficult workout, and it may be time consuming.
  • Negative. Heavy to carry around. Usually require space in which to carry out the exercises.

The Muscle Toning Test

The Shake Weight uses only one weight, and is available in one size for women and for men. This is ideal for beginners new to weight training. The dumbbells offer more of a challenging workout for the muscles because they are available in various sizes, forms and weights. They can be added to any exercise plan to give a tougher workout. The Shake Weight is performed vigorously and it does work the muscles, but because it is available in only one size it will not tone the muscles better than dumbbells will. The Shake Weight works the muscles of the upper body. Perhaps try both. Buy a set of dumbbells and a Shake Weight and see for yourself. When performed regularly, both dumbbells and Shake Weights will increase the metabolism in order to burn off excess fat.


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