Self Hypnosis Diet

This is a diet that isn’t actually a diet at all. Instead of giving us quotas, taboo food lists and routines to follow us to our goal, we’re given the tools to control our weight naturally. Dr’s Steven and Joy Gurgevich, under the direction of Dr Andrew Weil, teach us self hypnosis that get to the core of our weight loss problems. They teach this on the basis that everything that the body does affects the mind, and everything that the mind says affects the body.

One way this can be helpful to us is if we are emotional eaters – and let’s face it, most overweight people do overeat for one emotional response or another – boredom, lonliness, anxiety, just to name a few. Our body gets programmed to this response of feeding our emotions. Through the self hypnosis, we learn to reprogram our ideas about these emotions, and learn more positive reactions that will result in acheiving our normal weight.

For this diet, purchase of the book and adjoining CD is necessary. No other purchase is necessary.


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