Seeds of Change Frozen Dinners

seedsofchangelasagna.jpgAre you tired of Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice dinners? We gave those up ages ago. They are usually boring, bland, and the quality has been questionable. Check out their ingredient panels and you’ll see what we mean! If you are looking for something better, we think we’ve found it. Seeds of Change offers a frozen dinner line that is certified organic, and has all natural ingredients that don’t require a food scientist to decipher. Best of all, they are extremely flavorful, filling, and still low in calories and fat!

We haven’t tried all of their varieties yet, but what we’ve tried so far have quickly become favorites. The Spinach Lasagna di Parma in particular is out of this world! It’s so cheesy and creamy and rich that you’ll never guess it only has 340 calories. It also has a whopping 20 grams of protein! Another favorite is the Spicy Yucatan Frijoles & Vegetables. This dish combines a variety of vegetables, rice, and tofu with exotic seasonings from the Yucatan for an unusual – and addicting – flavor combination.

If you like the convenience and portion control of frozen diet dinners, but are ready for something new, try Seeds of Change frozen dinners. You may have go to your local natural foods store or a Whole Foods to find them, but the variety and quality is worth the trip!

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