Sea Salt Cleanse for Weight Loss: Is It Safe?

The sea salt cleanse is one of the most natural ways for you to cleanse your body from the inside out. This cleanse may be used as part of a weight loss program as it is effective and inexpensive. But what does it do, and is it safe when combining it with weight loss?

A sea salt cleanse simply helps to remove the buildup along the walls of the intestines. All you need is 2 tsp. of unrefined sea salt and 1 quart of warm water. Mix the 2 together and drink it within 45 minutes if possible.

As the saltwater solution passes through the digestive system it loosens and liquefies the buildup as well as old fecal matter and removes it from the body. Depending on how fast your body reacts to the solution, you will experience your first bowel movement between 30 minutes to a couple of hours of drinking the solution. 

What is Sea Salt?

Sea salt is produced by evaporating sea water in large ponds. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind a residue which is the sea salt. It contains over 80 essential trace minerals which your body needs in order to function at its best.

It is considered to be a natural laxative which not only helps to loosen up stool, but it also removes toxins and restores essential minerals back to your body. It helps to balance electrolytes which are good for the heart, muscles and functioning of the brain. It also regulates the metabolism which helps to digest food and absorb nutrients.

Is the Sea Salt Cleanse Safe?

The sea salt cleanse is safe for weight loss and can be done for up to 10 days. You can do the cleanse in the comfort of your home without the supervision of a doctor or nurse. Just make sure that you use unrefined sea salt and clean water when you do the cleanse. You also want to stick to a high fiber diet, eliminating as many animal proteins as possible.

The reason this cleanse is so safe is because the saltwater solution is the same gravity as your blood. Because of this, it is not passed to the kidney, nor is it absorbed by your body into the blood. But instead it passes through the digestive system and removes toxic buildups on its way out.

Because this water is not absorbed you do not need to worry about water retention or a rise in blood pressure.

The sea salt cleanse will not only remove the buildup and toxins from your body, but it restores the necessary trace minerals back to your body. It also balances electrolytes and the metabolism which will help you in your weight loss. So not only is it safe, but it is also beneficial.

Side Effects

As with any other detox program you will experience a headache which should disappear after the fourth day. Some individuals experience vomiting or cramping during the cleansing process. After the cleanse you may be very cold, so make sure to stay warm.

Always check with your doctor if you have any health problems particularly if you have ulcers, cancer or a digestive illness.


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