Scarsdale Diet: Menu Recommendations

After following the Scarsdale Diet menu for 14 days, you’re going to have the freedom to come up with your own menu ideas. However, staying within the seven hundred calorie daily limit isn’t going to be easy. The Scarsdale is what is known as a Very Low Calorie Diet, or VLCD. Listed below, you will find a number of Scarsdale diet menu recommendations to help you along your way to weight loss.

Steam or Blanch All Vegetables

Steaming and blanching your vegetables adds no calories, carbohydrates or fat, while leaving a vast majority of the beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes needed for complete digestion. When steaming, flavorings such as Tabasco Sauce or teriyaki sauce can be added to the water and still not add calories or fat. Herbs and spices can be sprinkled over the vegetables to add an extra bit of flavor, especially garlic; garlic has a number of properties that promote health and wellness.

Eat Fresh Fruits instead of Canned

Canned fruits are processed, and they lose much of their nutritional value in the processing procedure. Plus, they usually have sugars added, which adds unneeded and unwanted calories. Keep eating that breakfast grapefruit, as your body needs the enzymes it supplies for proper digestion through the day.

Use Oats Liberally

Oats are high in dietary fiber, which digests more slowly and completely, keeping you feeling full longer. Also, the fiber in oats will help keep your digestive tract clean and help remove and carcinogens produced by your body or the process of digesting other foods. Diets high in fiber have also been shown to help keep you regular, which also helps keep your digestive tract running smoothly and cleanly.

Eat Chicken and Fish for Protein

Chicken and fish, especially tuna, are great sources of “cheap” dietary protein. Cheap in this instance means low in calories and in the case of tuna, it means zero calories. Add some fat free mayonnaise, lemon pepper and garlic to a can of tuna and you have yourself a great, nearly zero calorie lunch that’s quick and easy to prepare. Brush a light glaze of olive oil, garlic and lemon pepper to a boneless, skinless chicken breast, pop it into the oven, and in about twenty minutes, you have a great, low calorie, high protein dinner when you add a serving of steamed or blanched vegetables. Grill a piece of chicken or fish over an open flame, or better yet, mesquite briquettes will add some enticing flavor to your meal, again without adding any unnecessary calories.

Splurge Every Now and Then

Remember, you’re only human. This means that you’re going to have cravings for things that aren’t included in the normal diet plan. So, if you want to satisfy a craving, you’re going to need to do so wisely. Maybe you want a baked potato. That’s fine. Just have that baked potato with filet of tuna, or a bowl of tuna mixed with some herbs, like garlic, lemon pepper and seasoned salt.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Carrots, celery and broccoli make great nutritious low calorie snacks to stave off hunger during the day.

As with any diet plan, you should take with a medical professional prior to embarking on the Scarsdale diet and couple your low calorie intake with a balanced exercise plan.


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