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The Scan Diet was developed by a Scandinavian doctor who wanted to find a way to help people lose weight by using soy-based products. This diet is effective for some people, but might be slightly difficult to follow for others.

The Premise: The Scan Diet includes three different diet plans: the Attack Plan, the Balance Plan, and the Control Plan. They are all based upon calorie consumption, though each plan allows for a different amount of daily calories. All plans use the Scan Diet food replacement powders that are made from soy.

The Diet: The Attack Plan is the most aggressive plan within the Scan Diet, and it includes a daily caloric intake of under 1200 calories per day. Dieters that opt for this plan will replace all of their daily meals with 5 Scan Diet meal replacement packages per day. This plan does not include any traditional foods.

The Balance Plan is based upon a 1500 calorie per day diet. While this plan includes up to three packets of Scan meal replacement powders a day, it also allows dieters to eat some traditional low-fat foods. Foods that are allowed on this plan include lean meat, vegetables, fruits, and some types of pastas.

The Control Plan is a lot like the Balance Plan, though it allows dieters to consume up to 1800 calories per day. The number of Scan packets included in this plan is largely up to the dieter, though it is recommended that all dieters replace at least two meals per day with a Scan powder.

All of the Scan diet meal replacement powders contain a mixture of soy, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates. The Scan diet powders are available in vanilla and chocolate, and they can simply be added to a glass of water. In addition, Scan has just released a number of meal replacement bars that can be found in flavors such as blueberry cheesecake.

What to Get Excited Over:

The Scan diet is a great way to lose a couple of pounds. This diet is effective if you follow the calorie guidelines, and use the Scan shakes and bars provided.

Things to Consider:

  • Expensive: this diet can cost up to $300 per month depending upon the plan chosen
  • Easy fix: the Scan diet may help you to lose weight at first, but it doesn’t teach healthy eating habits
  • Boredom: some dieters might become bored with the shakes and bars


If you want to lose a few pounds for a particular occasion, then this might be a good diet to try. On the flip side, the Scan diet is not a good diet to choose if you want to learn how to keep weight off for good.


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