Sandwich Wrap vs. Traditional Sandwich: Which is Better for You?

A sandwich wrap is a variant of tacos or burritos. These flat breads can contain either or both hot or cold foods rolled between them with a variety of cheeses or condiments added for flavor. Sandwich wraps are generally eaten by hand. The varieties of sandwich wraps include cooled crepes, split pita breads, lettuce leaves, tortillas, rice paper wraps and cracker bread. A traditional sandwich is on white, brown, or wholemeal bread. From foot-long baguettes to tiny rolls, sandwiches can also be filled with both hot and cold fillings, and they are a tasty snack to consume at lunch. However, bread contains wheat, and many people are wheat intolerant. 

Sandwich Wraps

Sandwich wraps are big business. All the big restaurant and sandwich chains sell wraps usually filled with chicken, salad, and salsa.

Sandwich wraps are so versatile. They can be filled with meat, fish, beans, rice, and topped with salads or chopped vegetables for a healthier bite. Wraps, too, can contain wheat for individuals who are wheat intolerant, or there are a variety of recipes online that give you the ingredients necessary to make wheat-free flat breads. This has benefits. Wholegrain or spelt flour can be used for a healthier variant. Butters or spreads are not added to sandwich wraps, so that will drastically reduce the overall calorie count of the meal. Wrapping a lettuce with healthy beans and rice is a low-fat snack. 

Tortillas are available as flour and corn varieties. Bread is high in calorie, but one or two tortillas will only add 160 calories. Standard sized tortillas contain 80 calories each. Large burritos contain 130.  Flat breads alone contain over 200 calories. Fill them with lean meat, salad, and steer clear of the mayonnaise and the sandwich wrap becomes a healthy snack. 

Traditional Sandwich

Sandwiches are everywhere. Submarine rolls are often sold in shops, and they are often filled with cold fillings like cheese and tomato or ham salad. Many people suffer from wheat intolerant and while there are some products that cater for individuals with allergic reactions or intolerances, it can be difficult for people to choose what to eat for their lunch.  The variety of breads is also huge. Wholemeal breads are often healthier than white breads, which contain a lot of sugar as a preservative.

Which Is Healthier?

Both sandwich wraps and traditional sandwiches are quite equal in their calories. Tortillas and flat breads are something different. A great amount of food can be added to flat breads including stir-fried food. On bread, this may turn soggy. There are many varieties of both sandwich wraps and traditional sandwiches available. Wraps may be a little more expensive than the traditional sandwich, but the texture and taste is different. If you like a great choice of foods to fill in your flat bread, including rice and beans, choose a sandwich wrap. 


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