Sample Menu for Anne Collins Low Carb Diet

Anne Collins’ Low Carb Diet is a 28-day, two-part eating plan designed to help you lose weight fast. Anne Collins is a nutritionist and professional diet consultant who has been helping people slim down for 25 years. Her Low Carb diet is a healthy and no-nonsense way to weight loss.

Carbohydrate Basics

A carbohydrate is an energy component made up of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. You get your energy from carbohydrates, your liver stores glucose to fuel the brain and your muscles need glucose to function. With the exception of meat, pretty much everything you consume is a carb. In general, carbohydrates are broken down into two categories: simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are converted quickly to glucose by your system; complex carbs are metabolized slowly.

How the Low Carb Diet Works

If carbs are one of the building blocks of life, is cutting carbs a good idea?

Low carb eating plans don’t cut all carbohydrates from your diet, but change the quality of the carbs you eat. There are two reasons a low carb diet is so effective for fast weight loss. Cutting carbs forces your body to burn the fat as fuel. Your body is capable of storing only about a half days worth of glucose, so whatever you take in above what you use ends up being stored. The other reason a low carb diet is so effective is that it regulates your blood glucose levels. When you eat complex carbohydrates, your body gets a longer-lasting, stable supply of fuel. That helps you feel more energetic and keeps you from getting hungry. When you’re not hungry, it’s easier to stick with your eating plan.

The idea is to help you lose weight as fast as possible. There are two phases, each lasting fourteen days. You get to eat three low carbohydrate meals and three snacks each day and the principle is to keep track of calories per each food item and carbohydrate values for each meal. But, don’t worry, it’s easy because you just follow the delicious menu plan and that tracks everything for you. The beauty of this plan is that even though it is a low-carb, super-fast weight-loss diet, you do get to eat a few satisfying carbohydrates and that helps keep you on track. The daily carb count is, in general, under 40 grams per day.

7-Day Sample Menu


  • Breakfast: Wheat roll, smoked salmon and cream cheese
  • Lunch: Tuna Salad
  • Dinner: Baked cod with mustard sauce, tomatoes, cauliflower


  • Breakfast: Raspberry smoothie
  • Lunch: Grilled hamburger, salad
  • Dinner: Stir-fried turkey


  • Breakfast: Egg burrito
  • Lunch: Hummus with raw veggies
  • Dinner: Grilled pork chop with vegetables


  • Breakfast: Deli-sliced ham, cheese, fruit
  • Lunch: Tuna salad and honeydew melon
  • Dinner: Grilled steak and salad


  • Breakfast: Cheese and ham on toast
  • Lunch: Egg salad
  • Dinner: Salmon filet and vegetables


  • Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, tomato
  • Lunch: Crab salad
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken, spinach with garlic butter


  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bacon
  • Lunch: Feta salad
  • Dinner: Pork and vegetable stir-fry


  • Deli ham or turkey, carrot sticks, celery
  • Low-fat string cheese and grape tomatoes
  • Sugar-free gelatin dessert with whipped topping
  • Celery with low-fat cream cheese

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