Sample Menu for Anne Collins Diet for Life

Anne Collins’ Diet for Life is a balanced diet designed to help you eat healthy for the rest of your life. Anne Collins is a professional diet consultant and nutritionist who for over 25 years has been helping people lose weight.

Anne Collins’ Diet for Life is the perfect eating plan for people who cook. Whether you prepare meals for your family, or prefer to cook because you love to, this diet provides a variety of recipes and ingredients lists that will get you started on a new and healthy way of eating. The Diet for Life reduces dietary fat and unhealthy carbohydrates and provides around 1,300 calories per day.

Part of the reason many diets fail is that they address only your immediate problem, and that is, losing weight. They don’t address helping you change bad habits. Studies show that people tend to gain back the weight they lost after following a strict diet, the Diet for Life solves this problem by helping you learn a better way to eat so you can keep the weight off and stay healthy for life.


Anne Collins’ Diet for Life is set up to help you change your eating habits gradually. This diet works and it works quickly, claiming for example that a person weighing 250 pounds could weight 140 within twelve months. This is an excellent diet for people who have a lot of weight to lose, but it also works well for those that need to drop only a few pounds. It’s the ideal eating plan if your weight tends to yo-yo.


In order to follow the Diet for Life, you are required to follow thirteen rules to the letter. They’re not necessarily hard to follow, but the diet is strict, and failing to adhere to the principles will lead to unsatisfying results The rules are as follows: 

1. You must eat three meals daily.
2. You must follow the instructions for each meal.
3. Take care of your health.
4. You must eat two helpings of fish per week.
5. Use only small servings of margarine.
6. When frying, use as little fat as possible
7. Remove all visible fat from meat before cooking.
8. Restrict red meat meals to no more than twice weekly; no more than 4 egg yolks per week.
9. If you’re hungry, you can have something from the snacks list.
10. Avoid foods that aren’t included in the foods list.
11. Limit alcohol consumption.
12. Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day and get some exercise.
13. Eat more (follow the food guide) if you are breastfeeding, male or have more than 75 pounds to lose.

7-Day Sample Menu


Breakfast: 1/2 cup of yogurt with strawberries, apple
Lunch: Whole-wheat pita with hard-boiled egg and 1-teaspoon of fat-free mayonnaise, salad.
Dinner: Chili beef with rice


Breakfast: Fruit, skim milk, egg on toast
Lunch: Deli-turkey on whole-wheat roll, fruit
Dinner: Grilled pork with applesauce


Breakfast: Cereal, fruit
Lunch: Baked potato with salsa
Dinner: Shrimp with pasta


Breakfast: “Light” pancakes with syrup
Lunch: Fat-free soup, salad
Dinner: Breaded fish fillet, vegetables, potato


Breakfast: Bagel, fruit
Lunch: Tomato, rice, salad
Dinner: Spanish omelet


Breakfast: Toast with jam, fruit
Lunch: Pasta with tomatoes, salad
Dinner: BLT


Breakfast: Yogurt, fruit
Lunch: Tuna on a whole wheat roll, fruit
Dinner: Oven fries with egg and beans


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