Sample Menu for Anne Collins 10-Minute Meals Diet

Anne Collins’ 10-Minute Meals Diet is a quick meal-preparation plan that makes dieting surprisingly simple. Anne Collins has been helping people lose weight for 25 years. She is a nutritionist and professional weight-loss consultant.

The 10-Minute Meals Diet is a 28-day meal plan that focuses on eating healthy and losing weight quickly without a lot of fuss. You get a wide variety of meal choices–all easy to prepare. If you don’t have time to fix yourself something to eat, you can have fast food or a frozen convenience meal. The 10-Minute Meals diet is for people who don’t like to cook–or don’t have the time–and the food options are both practical and delicious.

Successful Strategy

Anne Collins’ 10-Minute Meals Diet addresses the problems that can keep you from succeeding at weight loss: figuring out what to eat and how to fix it fast. If you’re busy or if you hate cooking, it’s easy to find yourself with nothing healthy to eat on hand, so you grab the quickest thing you can wrap your mouth around, such as junk food, or whatever you find in your cupboard. The 10-Minute Meals Diet gives you so many easy choices. You can fix yourself a quick meal; you can prepare your meals in advance and freeze them, or you can pick up some fast food. Another nice option is being able to stock your freezer with frozen convenience meals. When you’re not starving, it’s quite a bit easier to stick with your eating plan.

The 10-Minute Meals Diet arms you so you never feel really deprived. It also keeps you from getting hungry by allowing you to eat satisfying foods that help you feel fuller longer.

The diet provides three meals daily: two options from which to choose for breakfast, three choices for lunch and three choices for dinner. You can decide how quickly you want to lose the weight, and if snacking is important to you, there is an extensive snacks list. You can eat your favorite meals as often as you like and at the end of the 28 days, repeat the plan if you still have some weight to lose. If you run into food you don’t like, you can exchange them with something from the substitutions list.

7-Day Sample Menu

1. Monday

  • Breakfast: Cheesy toast, milk, fruit
  • Lunch: Fast food hamburger
  • Dinner: Beans, tortilla, salad, fruit

2. Tuesday

  • Breakfast: Fruit and yogurt
  • Lunch: Ham and Swiss on crackers, pudding
  • Dinner: “Easy Beef Spaghetti”, salad

3. Wednesday

  • Breakfast: Strawberry-flavored whipped topping on a muffin
  • Lunch: Veggie burger, salad
  • Dinner: Tuna melt, salad

4. Thursday

  • Breakfast: Fruit smoothie, toast
  • Lunch: 6” veggie sub sandwich
  • Dinner: “Mexican Chicken”, salad

5. Friday

  • Breakfast: Cereal, seeds and banana
  • Lunch: “Herb-Breaded Pork Patty” frozen convenience meal
  • Dinner: “Pasta and Shrimp Ragu Salad”

6. Saturday

  • Breakfast: Waffle, syrup and fruit
  • Lunch: Fish sticks, veggies, yogurt with fruit
  • Dinner: Fast food chicken BBQ sandwich

7. Sunday

  • Breakfast: “Veggie Egg Scramble”, yogurt and fruit
  • Lunch: Fast food pizza
  • Dinner: “Beef and Veggie Curry with Rice”

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