Samba Dance for Weight Loss

One form of dance, the samba, can be especially helpful for weight loss. Here we look at what samba is, and how it can help you dance off the pounds.

What is Samba?

There are many types of samba, but the dance itself originated in Brazil. It has many variations, but some commonalities include a combination of rhythmic “stomp,” brisk hip movement, a controlled core stance, and a great deal of grace. It is a dance that is appropriate for almost every venue: weddings, nightclubs, or in your own living room. It is just as fun and healthy to do with a partner or on your own. Perhaps the greatest advantage of samba is that it’s a vigorous workout that’s also a lot of fun!

Samba for Ab Work

Although samba appears to be an easy, flowing form of dance, it is actually quite the opposite. Controlled form is integral to a coordinated samba. The central pillar of a controlled form is a solid care. To perform even the most basic derivations of samba, you will need to keep your torso taut and your abs tight. In more advanced forms of samba, the torso is used for graceful twists and rhythmic rolls. These movements provide a very challenging workout for your abs. Though samba is primarily a lower-body exercise, your abs can benefit greatly from the routine.

 Samba For Leg Work

Samba is an exercise that works the entire leg. Most samba forms mimic a complicated but fun version of running in place. Your legs are constantly in motion, lifting from both the thigh and knee. These movements exercise the muscles in the inner thigh as well as strengthening calves and hamstrings. Many forms also involve leg swings, a great exercises for both the obliques and buttocks. The real effect of these movements comes from how they are performed–that is, quickly and for long amounts of time, which builds lean, long muscles.

Samba for Cardio

Samba dancing can be a lot more fun than regular cardio workouts, yet it still manages to pack the same metabolism-boosting punch as more strenuous activities. The constant motion of samba is guaranteed to quicken your pulse. A recent study showed that that the median heart rate for men who participate in the latin dance is 168 beats per minute, and for women, 177 beats per minute. This means that your heart rate will be raised well into the fat-burning stage, which helps build healthier lungs and a stronger heart.

Latin dance, and samba in particular, is becoming an increasingly popular way to exercise. Samba builds muscle throughout the body. This in turn creates higher muscles mass, which causes your body to burn more calories. Samba also shapes your muscles, allowing for tighter abs and leaner legs. It also helps increase metabolism by raising heart rates into the fat-burning range. If you are looking for a way to spice up your exercises routine, consider samba dancing.


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