Running Injury? Four Alternative Exercises

A running injury can really hold you back from being able to keep up with your running regimen, which in turn can play a role in your commitment and motivation to working out. While it might seem like the right thing to do is to get back into your routine and run through your pain until it’s healed, you can make things a lot worse by doing this. Instead, it’s best to find an alternative workout to running until your injury is healed. This will help ensure sure that you won’t be down and out again anytime soon once you return to your running routine.


Riding a bicycle is a great way to get a good workout and to relieve stress. It uses all major muscles in the body and the motions can actually help to gently repair your running injury. You can start by simply riding around the block or for as long as you are comfortable and then work your way up from there. Riding a bike is a lot of fun too, and if you’re able to return to running at some point you might even decide to keep bicycling as part of your workout routine. 


Water aerobics and swimming are perfect healing exercises that can help to keep your muscles conditioned and can even help to build muscle in the legs, torso, back and arms. You might even find that swimming helps to make you stronger than you were before getting an injury from running. Water is great for toning as well, thanks to the strong resistance it naturally provides. This can be very beneficial to healing injuries in the muscles and bones.


An easy yoga class is the best way to get back into workout routines after being sedentary due to an injury. Weekly classes can help you ease into more flexibility. In fact, it can also provide comfort at the injured area as long as care is taken. Doing yoga at home for just ten minutes a day will yield results that may just surprise you. If you plan to return to running after your injury heals, consider doing yoga at least three times a week for more than 30 minutes at a time if you want to keep your stamina up.


Walking is known as one of the most beneficial exercises you can do, and it’s an easy thing to do as well. You can do it with friends, your children or even the dog. Pushing your child in a stroller during nap time is the perfect way to add a little resistance to a walking workout. What’s more is that walking can be adjusted to your particular goals and limitations while healing a running injury.

Walking just a few minutes at a time most days of the week will help keep the heart and muscles strong. If you have a hard time fitting exercise into your schedule, consider using lunch time for walking, using the stairs instead of the elevators and parking farther away from the entrance at the store. It all adds up!


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