Rowing Machine Exercises: Seated Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is a great piece of exercise equipment because it provides a whole body workout that covers a number of different muscle groups. This exercise machine is found in most gyms and is an excellent choice to incorporate into various other types of exercise regimens.

Using a rowing machine is relatively straightforward. However, just as with other exercise machines as well, it’s crucial that you be sure that you can do the exercise properly so that you don’t risk straining your muscles and also to ensure that you get the most benefit for the time and effort that you expend as you work out.

Rowing Machine Basics

The basics of the rowing machine are quite simple. The machine acts like a crew boat that would be rowed by teams of two to 16 different rowers. To begin, adjust the feet straps and rests so that you’re comfortable. It’s important that your feet be snugly kept in the foot straps and also that the footholds are far enough back so that you can fully extend your legs comfortably without running into the end of the rowing machine. When this part of the machine is set up properly, sit down and strap your feet in.

There are three distinct parts of the row. The first is the catch, at which point your body is contracted. Your arms will be loose as the handle is loose as well, and your legs will be compressed. The second is the power stroke, where you use your legs and lower body to push away from the front of the machine, drawing your arms and the handle with them. The third is the release, where you temporarily allow your body to go slack and relax while you return to the catch position. Because the seated rowing machine is typically considered to be a cardiovascular exercise, it’s best to not worry about specific numbers of strokes. Rather, work out at a comfortable speed for a set amount of time.

Safety and Injury Prevention

Strapping your legs and feet into the machine securely will ensure that you don’t have any problems as you row with falling off of the machine, or having your legs come off of the machine. The single most important thing to do while you use the seated rowing machine is to ensure that you don’t have a bent back. Keep your back straight and be sure to work with your legs only. Breathe heavily as you work out.


There aren’t a great number of different modifications to do with the seated rowing machine. Many people make use of different goals as they work out, though. You can work for a sustained high heart rate, for a certain duration of time or even for a certain distance.


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