Risks of a Routine Beauty Face Mask

Beauty face masks are used by millions of women and men on a regular basis. Some women like to visit a salon for a professional facial. However, are there any risks to using a routine beauty face mask?

Beneficial or Damaging?

The skincare basics of cleanse, tone, and moisturize is enough to follow over a lifetime. Adding a beauty face mask is another luxury. The face can show stress easily. This can show up as lines, blemishes, dullness, and even skin problems like acne may occur. Most beauty face masks are deep cleansing and help to remove the impurities that cause those skin problems. The result is enviously luminous, glowing skin. However, it is important to give the skin time to breathe. Adding too many products to the skin can have an adverse effect.

It is important to follow the instructions on the beauty face mask. If it states to only use the product once a week, do just that. Some products contain deep cleansing ingredients, but they are not designed to be used daily. The normal routines of cleanse, tone, and moisturize are enough to protect the skin from the harsh elements of wind, sunshine, and toxic pollution.

Homemade or Store Bought?

There is a huge selection of beauty face masks available at beauty stores as well as drug stores and department stores. Some masks contain additional ingredients such as exfoliates to remove dead skin cells. This can brighten the face instantly. Some work to tighten the pores helping the skin of individuals who are prone to oiliness. During winter, the skin can become scaly and dry. Moistening masks are the perfect way to bring back the natural pH of the skin. This helps skin stay hydrated and looking smooth and beautiful. 

Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins that can nourish the skin when applied fresh to the skin. This gives them a very short shelf life. The benefit of store bought beauty masks is the preservatives added that often give it a shelf life of up to twelve months. There are hundreds of beauty face mask recipes that can help with oiliness or dry skin.

Oatmeal and yogurt mixed together is a wonderful softening exfoliant. Leave the mixture on the skin for up to 20 minutes and then wash off. For oily or spot prone skin, squeeze a lemon into water, apply the solution to the skin using a cotton pad, and then wash off after 20 minutes. Lemon is also a skin lightener, so it is great to use on skin that has been impacted by hyperpigmentation.

Avocados are wonderful moisturizers, and many advocates of this fruit that is full of essential fatty acids mash the pulp and spread it on the face and hair. When avocados are used in this matter they can create shiny hair and skin that is baby soft.  baby soft. 


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