Regular or Sugar-Free Jello?

When eating Jello, sugar free varieties might be more tempting for lovers of this delicious dessert. If you are on a diet then you will want to make sure you are cutting plenty of calories. Consuming too many calories will mean that you will put on more weight, since you’re eating more energy than you are actually using. You may be wondering whether it is better to stick with the regular jello or buy the sugar free variety.

Sugar Free Jello

Jello is normally made with a large amount of sugar to sweeten the mixture. The sugar free jello is made with artificial sweeteners. Although these are not sugar, they are actually not very good for you. Going without is probably the best option.

Risks of Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners were once seen as a wonderful way to enjoy sweet foods without putting on extra weight. However, there is now some debate as to whether or not these artificial sweeteners are safe. Some studies have suggested a link between these sweeteners and cancer.


This is also known as Acesulfame-Potassium, and is much sweeter than sugar. This is authorized for use in many different foods including jello. This is thought to be safe, although many studies are ongoing.


This is a very common sweetener which is sold under the brand name NutraSweet. This is around 200 times as sweet as sugar. It can be used in many different foods. Aspartame can cause headaches for some people. Some studies have suggested that there is a link between brain cancer and aspartame. It’s also thought to be dangerous for children who suffer from epilepsy.


This sweetener is also sold as Splenda, and is 600 times sweeter than regular sugar. This can be used in all foods and beverages, but it is thought to can cause headaches in some people.


Whichever type of jello you choose, it’s important that you don’t overdo it. Even the sugar free jello isn’t the healthiest thing that you can eat. Jello is nice to enjoy occasionally, but you shouldn’t eat it too often. Eating any jello too often may cause you to pile on the pounds.

Making your Own

Jello can also be healthy by following a simple recipe. Rather than using sugar or artificial sweeteners, other sweetening ingredients can be used. These recipes are all different, but can be made more healthy by replacing the sugar with honey.

One other healthy alternative is making green tea jello. This is refreshing and very nice to eat. To make this, simply brew a cup of green tea and then mix it with gelatin. Add honey until it is sweet enough for your taste. The jello can then be poured into moulds and left to set as normal.


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