Reebok Core Board Exercises: Core Board Push-Up Knee Tuck

One exercise to add to your routine is the Reebok core board push-up knee tuck. This total body exercise is simple enough that it can be added to anyone’s routine; all that is needed to complete this exercise is the Reebok Core Board itself.

The Reebok Core Board is meant to combine the efforts of yoga, strength training and aerobics into one. The Reebok Core Board comes with three different levels of resistance, which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to use it.

Performing the Core Board Push-up Knee Tuck

Begin by putting the core board in the center of a cleared out space and get on all fours with your hands placed on the outer part of the core board. Keep your fingers straight, facing forward. Get into the standard “push up position” and keep on your toes.

As you inhale deeply, you should bend your elbows slowly. This will lower your body to the ground. While your body is getting closer and closer to the ground, lift your right knee up towards the front of your body, and angle it so that it faces your left elbow.

Once you have reached a 90 degree angle with your bent elbows and your knee is against your body, push yourself back up to the position you started in using your chest muscles. While doing this, you should let your right leg fall back out behind you, and once you are back in the push up position, your legs should both be firmly planted as they were in your beginning position.

Repeat the steps listed above, only this time you lift your left knee. Do this at least 10 times, switching between your right and left knee. To receive the best results, you should do another two sets of 10.

Muscles Targeted

The primary muscle this routine targets is your chest muscles. The secondary muscle group it targets is your shoulders and arms. It also hits your core muscles and tones your legs.

Proper Use and Safety

You don’t want to fall off of the board and hurt yourself, so before you begin using the board you should clear an area for yourself. Though the Reebok Core Board looks simple, it is a versatile exercise tool and can bring you to a whole new variety of exercises.


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