Reducing Diabetes Risks

Diabetes is influenced by your vegan lifestyle by default, as many of the heart diseases associated with this affliction are prevented. However, following a specific diabetes vegan diet can help you to alleviate many diabetes symptoms, and sometimes you can even treat the problem only by using vegan foods.

Consume More Fruits and Vegetables

It is recommended to consume at least 5 fruits and vegetables each day. These can successfully replace any type of snacks, and due to the high amounts of soluble fibers, they can delay glucose assimilation from the intestines. Raw vegetables, carrots, apples, and bananas are suitable choices. 

Follow a Low Glycemic, Cholesterol Free, Low Fat Vegan Diet

Limiting the amount of sugar that you consume is among the first measures that you must take after being diagnosed with diabetes. It is easy to achieve this by replacing normal sweets with fruits that contain high amounts of fructose, a type of sugar that is decomposed gradually by your body. Fructose turns to sucrose and glycogen, and thus sugar spikes are prevented. As these phenomena represent a danger to a diabetic’s health, preventing them is preferred and even recommended. 

It is also wise to control the carbohydrates intake from your diet, as some of them can increase the blood sugar levels. In order to regulate the intake of carbs, you need to use a carb counter that provides precise information. Saturated fat intake also needs to be reduced, preferable to less than 30 percent of the daily calories. You can assure a healthy heart and a constant weight by doing so. 

Consume More Starchy Food

Starch-saturated foods such as cereal, rice, pasta, beans, and bagels must be included in your diabetes vegan diet. Six servings per day supply your body with the starches that are required for good functioning. Breakfasts meals based on cereal, oatmeal, and whole-wheat cereal will provide the proteins that will get you through the day. Garbanzo beans salads and potatoes are recommended to be served at dinner.  

Necessary Lifestyle Changes

Diabetes and obesity are tightly connected. If you perform physical exercises with regularity, you will observe certain improvements in the symptoms. By reducing the body weight, you determine the blood sugar levels to decrease. Also, physical exercises have been proved to aid in reducing cholesterol levels, fact which is also desirable. Hence, by being active, you manage to improve the symptoms of this affliction. It does not matter what type of exercises you perform, as long as they are done at moderate intensity and with regularity. 

Smoking and alcohol drinking are two habits that must be avoided, especially if you have been diagnosed with diabetes. Once you talk to a health care provider, you will find out exactly how much alcohol you can consume. These diet and lifestyle changes are beneficial, and the results will become obvious in time.


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