Recognizing Emotional Eating

There are many reasons for emotional eating. Figuring out what causes your emotional eating is the key to fixing the problem. Some people do not even realize that they have a problem. Emotional eaters might eat for a number of reasons. These reasons may include stress, anxiety, being bored, feeling lonely or feeling angry. Some people may use food as a reward. If they have done something good, they may eat a treat or they may eat a larger meal. They may also use food to make themselves feel better after a bad day. This is emotional eating.

Keep Track

If you think that you may be an emotional eater try to keep track of everything you eat during the day for one week. When writing down what you have eaten, also write down your emotions at the time you were eating. This will help you to determine if you are an emotional eater.

Take Control

Once you have completed and analyzed your food diary then it is time to take control of your emotional eating. Now that you know what emotions you are feeling when you eat, you can learn to fix what is bothering you. Before you reach for a snack ask yourself “am I really hungry or am I eating because I am angry, stressed, lonely, or for another reason”? Then if you decide that you are really hunger try to grab a snack that is healthy for you, not full of sugar. If you are eating for another reason then stop and think how you can deal with the problem without eating. If you are feeling stressed out about something, try to deal with the reason you are stressed.

Talking and Listening

If you are an emotional eater then dealing with your emotions can be difficult. There are many ways to deal with your emotions. Try not to hold them in and deal with them later because they may get so built up that you end up feeling more overwhelmed. If you have a friend that is a good listener she may be able to help you talk through your problem. If the problem cannot be solved in this manner, maybe talking to a professional, such as a doctor or a counselor would help.

Everyone eats because of their emotions every now and then, but once it becomes an everyday thing it can lead to problems. If you think that you may be an emotional eater talk to someone about what you are thinking. She may be able to help you in dealing with the problem. Once you have figured out the problem behind the emotional eating, then you can begin to deal with it. Do not be embarrassed about your problem. There are many people out there who have the same problem.


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