Recipe FAQ

How big is a serving size?
This is our most frequently asked question. All recipes specify the number of servings per recipe just under the recipe, in red text. If a recipe serves 6, then a serving size would be 1/6 of the total amount. An exact measurement is not easy to specify because your finished product may be different in volume than ours, depending on how long it was cooked or your method of preparation. This is standard in all cookbooks and recipe resources. We also use a Weight Watchers points calculator to find the points values for our recipes. We enter the total calories and fat grams per serving, and fiber grams (up to 4 grams) to get the Weight Watchers points total.

Where do you get your recipes? Have you tried them all?

Some of our recipes are our own inventions, some are lighter versions of family favorites. Most are contributed by readers. Due to the number of recipes received, we are unable to try them all. We ask that you only contribute tried-and-true recipes. We don’t publish every recipe received, and we reserve the right to remove any recipes that consistently receive bad reviews. If you would like to contribute a recipe, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page. You do not need to include the nutrition info, as we will run the recipe through Mastercook.