Raw Food Diet: Sample Menu Plan

A raw food diet can help improve your health in many ways. First of all, raw foods help with colon cleansing and detoxification of the body. A raw food diet also gives your body the best nutrition because valuable vitamins and minerals will not be lost or altered in the cooking process. A raw food diet can also be interesting and tasty, and doesn’t require days on end of munching on carrots and celery.

Some necessary preparations include soaking raw nuts that are sprouted or germinated. Your body will more easily absorb the protein of nuts and seeds that are germinated. It is not necessary to do with hemp seeds. It’s a good idea to have raw tahini, raw miso and raw almond butter on hand. Raw kim chi is also a good staple item. Buy organic whenever possible, especially if you will be eating the skin of the food. Here is a sample menu plan. Experiment and enjoy!


Breakfast is a great time of day to eat foods that are easy on the digestive system. Raw foods can actually be soothing and can help get the digestion moving. A pureed raw squash soup topped with shredded carrots and raw, sprouted almond slivers can feel like eating grits or oats. Just blend sunburst and/or green squash with lemon juice, hot water, a tablespoon of raw yellow miso, some flax meal and a little garlic. The tahini and almonds will give you a bit of protein. For more protein, many raw food eaters use some cooked quinoa as the one exception to the “all raw” rule. Quinoa is full of protein and valuable nutrients, is easy to digest, and it has a low glycemic effect.

Mid-Morning Snack

To maintain blood sugar levels, eat an apple with some raw almond butter at around 10 a.m. The apple provides fiber and the almond butter helps slow the blood sugar spike, while providing some protein. It also makes the apple feel more like a treat.


A fiber-rich filling salad is an excellent choice for mid-day. Combine your favorite leafy greens, such as red and green lettuce, raw spinach, and a variety of butter lettuce. Add raw carrots, cucumber with the skin, raw broccoli stems, raw cauliflower, and any other vegetables you like. Add some organic strawberries and sprouted nuts for an unusual and nutrient rich treat.

Mid-Afternoon Smoothie

If you can have a small blender or food processor at work; you can blend some raw milk, blueberries, bananas and flax meal. Blueberries can help with stress, and bananas provide potassium. You’ll get some protein from the milk and flax and a sweet boost of energy. You can add some pure stevia if you like it even sweeter.


A great dinner is a super healthy macro bowl. Make a sauce with raw tahini, raw almond butter, lemon juice, garlic, and either raw milk or even water. Take some cooked quinoa, some raw green kale, shredded carrots, sprouted almond slivers and a bit of raw kim chi. Top with some wheat free tamari and mix some of the sauce in.


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