Raw Food Diet: Is It Right for You?

The raw food diet is a relatively new diet that requires its participants to eat foods in their uncooked, natural state. Though many nutritionists agree that this way of eating is anything but natural, the raw food diet can be successful in helping you to lose weight and keep it off.

Raw Food Diet Basics

Proponents of the raw food diet believe that most Americans eat way too much meat and processed foods and that it is more nutritious to eat foods that are raw and in their natural state. Many nutritionists warn about the safety of long-term adherence to the raw food diet.

Another argument for the raw food diet is that humans are the only species that cook food and therefore it is an unnatural process. However, many refute this as well, saying that humans have evolved to eat cooked food and therefore our bodies are adapted to it. Raw food advocates claim that cooking actually destroys valuable enzymes found in food. The opposing viewpoint states that these plant enzymes are not necessary for digestion, as the digestive enzymes available in the stomach are the necessary component for human digestion.

Starting a Raw Food Diet

To be considered a raw foodist, 75% to 100% of your diet will consist of raw, organic foods. It will not take a considerable amount of time to become a raw foodist, and it is actually conducive to a busy lifestyle. Once your body gets used to eating only raw foods, you will actually find that you are eating less and feeling less hungry, as well as reducing your food costs.

An easy way to start a raw food diet is to break your daily food intake down into 4 meals, or 3 regular meals and all your snacks combined. Then you can focus on eating 3 of those 4 meals raw. Start your day with a smoothie for breakfast, a salad and fruit juice for lunch, and if you indulge in something cooked for dinner, be sure to add a green salad as well. Eat fruits, vegetables and nuts for snacks throughout the day.

Raw Food Cooking

If you decide to pursue the raw food diet, you will definitely want to check out some of the available books for raw food recipes that will give your diet some flare. Because this diet mainly consists of fruits and vegetables, it is helpful to learn some new non-cooked recipes that will give some flavor to your diet and help you avoid sliding back into a cooked diet out of monotony. It doesn’t have to be complicated to cook for yourself on a raw food diet, but you will definitely want some inspiration after a few days of the diet.

If you think that the raw food diet sounds right for you, give it a try and see how your body feels after a set amount of time, such as a week. If you are getting enough nutrients to provide energy to your body and do not mind the restrictive diet, a raw food diet might be right for you. As with any drastic change in your diet, it is always good to seek the advice of your doctor before beginning.


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