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The Radiant Health diet is a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet that proves to be suitable for some dieters. This diet was designed by Professor Brian Scott Peskin in order to help average people lose weight while restoring energy levels. Unlike other low-carbohydrate diets, this diet encourages dieters to eliminate carbohydrates slowly.

The Premise: The Radiant Health Program is similar to the Atkins Diet, however this plan does not cut out all carbohydrates right away. Instead, carbohydrates are slowly worked out of the diet in a steady manner. This prevents dieters from craving carbohydrates mid-way through the diet. Dieters will also be expected to consume a lot of different types of proteins during the diet.

The Diet: The Radiant diet lasts from two to three weeks, depending upon the dieter. Dieters must purchase the Radian Health book (in order to follow meal plans) and the Radiant Health supplement. Dieters cannot consume more than 70g of carbohydrates per day. This restriction applies to pasta, potatoes, rice, fruit, and some vegetables. To replace those foods that are not allowed, dieters will be encouraged to eat more meats, lean dairy, and eggs. In addition to these foods, dieters must take one daily supplement that contains essential fatty acids, minerals, essiac, and cat’s claw. It is believed that this supplement will help to detox the body during the course of the diet.

What to Get Excited Over:

  • May help to boost energy levels
  • Cuts back on unnecessary carbohydrates
  • Ideal for those that enjoy a high protein diet

Things to Consider

  • Not vegetarian/vegan friendly
  • Involves a large amount of cooking
  • Eliminating too many fruits and vegetables may not be healthy
  • Foods included in this diet (certain proteins) are expensive

Verdict: Low carbohydrate diets have come under a lot of fire lately. While some people may lose weight with this type of diet, others will find that eliminating carbohydrates is not beneficial. This diet is not recommended for active people that require carbohydrates for energy. Otherwise, this diet might be worth a try if the cost of the book, foods, and supplements is within your reach.


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