Quiznos Nutrition: The Pros and Cons

Quiznos might serve you your favorite sub, but the Quiznos nutrition chart does not guarantee you a diet that can be considered healthy. In fact, there have been numerous concerns raised over the nutritional value of this particular fast food chain that has captured a good part of the fast food market share in United States. Therefore, next time you order your Quiznos sandwich, have a look at the nutritional charts to help you eat a healthier meal.

Pros of Quiznos Nutrition

The good part about knowing the nutritional facts about¬†your Quiznos food¬†is that it helps you plan your diet to help you make healthier choices. For example, did you know that a Quiznos Tuna melt has over 2000 calories and over a day’s worth of saturated fat? It’s¬†definitely unhealthy¬†and hence, more nutritional information about what we eat daily would make us choose and eat better.

One way of enjoying Quiznos, and still avoid the excessive calories, is to skip the calories-heavy part of the foods. For example, choose not to have cheese or sauce in your honey bourbon chicken sandwich and save at least half of those calories! Another good way of avoiding the bulging waistline is to opt for whole wheat bread rather than white bread. These small changes to your favorite sandwich at Quiznos might alter the mouth-watering taste slightly, but not without immense benefits to your health.

Cons of Quiznos Nutrition

The Quiznos nutrition charts reveals that they are not one of the healthiest food in the fast food industry.¬†When compared to competitors, like Subway,¬†the nutritional value of¬†Quiznos food items is far worse. Quiznos also doesn’t offer enough alternative¬†food¬†choices.¬†An average built person is advised about 2000 calories in a day and one can consume all that with just one Quiznos sandwich! It has also been observed that Quizno food items include more than the average amount of saturated fat and sodium levels.

Again, it is not very easy to calculate the nutritional information of the food items. One,¬†Quiznos does not publish the nutrition content on the food pack or at the store. Second, the Quiznos website contains nutritional information that’s not complete since it doesn’t calculate the toppings. So, if you are trying to calculate how many calories you take in¬†with one¬†Turkey Ranch and Swiss,¬†make sure that you consider the calories for¬†the amount of cheese and mayonnaise.

Finally, Quiznos doesn’t offer you the best of nutrition available in the fast food industry. The high calories level, oodles of saturated fat and uncommonly high sodium content doesn’t help keep you on track with healthy eating options. Also, it does not¬†help much when you are not offered healthier alternatives to avoid the calories.

While many options at Quiznos might not be the healthiest, this sandwich shop enables you to design your own sandwich, which means you can easily decline those calorie-laden sauces and load up on those healthy veggies, like tomatoes and mushrooms.


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