Qui Gong Exercises For Neck Pain

Qui Gong is an ancient Chinese practice. While Qui Gong (pronounced Chee Gong) is often confused with Tai Chi, it is actually very different. Today hundreds of thousands of people around the world practice Qui Gong as part of their exercise and meditation practices. The philosophy of the practice of Qui Gong is that it creates a healing harmony within a person by balancing the mind and body.

While the benefits of practicing this form of exercise are numerous, one area of particular interest is the use of Qui Gong exercises to treat neck pain. There have been studies done on the effectiveness of Qui Gong in the treatment of neck pain as recently as 2007.

Qui Gong For Neck Pain

Qui Gong exercises involve slow and deliberate movements, along with meditation and deep breathing. In the studies that have been conducted regarding the use of Qui Gong to treat chronic, but non-specific neck pain, they have used similar types of Qui Gong exercises over at least a 12-week period. There are many different types of Qui Gong exercises that one can do, so it is important for people who are using Qui Gong to treat neck pain to determine which of the Qui Gong exercises seem to work best for their situation.

Basic Neck Exercises

One of the most basic exercises is called “Pointing Your Horns to the Sky.” This exercise is done standing up.  With your feet apart, shift your head to the left laterally, and then lift the upper left corner of your head diagonally left towards the sky.  Repeat this on the right side. You should repeat this three times.

Another basic exercise is called “The Crane with Flapping Wings.”  Standing with your feet shoulder length apart, lean forward at your waist. At the same time, take your arms and circle them back to the side and then forward over your head as your back becomes parallel with the floor. You then straighten back up and arch your back.  Then spring your chest forward to meet your hands, which should now be pointing at your chest.  You should repeat this five times.

How to Get Results

You should do your Qui Gong exercise routine one to two times per week.  It is also important to note that proper warm ups prior to beginning each Qui Gong exercise session is important to get the blood flowing and to help loosen muscles.

Most people participating in studies, and following a program of Qui Gong exercises, noticed improvement in their chronic neck pain after about twelve weeks of exercise. As with any exercise program, or type of physical therapy regimen designed to alleviate pain, consistency is key to the successful reduction of pain.  Overall, Qui Gong exercises can be very effective in reducing neck pain in those who suffer from it.


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