Qigong Meditation And Relaxation Techniques

Qigong meditation is a fundamental part of the practice of the ancient Chinese martial art of Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong). Most people are familiar with the idea of meditation as a form of Chinese martial arts. However, not as many people are familiar with the practice of Qigong. The idea of Qigong is to help those practicing Qigong exercises to get in touch with their inner Qi (pronounced Chee). Qigong is a compilation of different exercises, positions, and techniques that all work together to help you in your quest for relaxation through meditation.

There are many exercises that one can choose from when they are practicing the art of Qigong. The poses vary and your strength and stamina to complete certain exercises will determine which exercises you can do successfully and which exercises you will have to work up to through consistent practice.

Zhan Zhuang Pose

To achieve a true meditative state and thus promote true relaxation, you may want to start with the position known as zhan zhuang. This literally translated means to stand like post. This position in various forms is common in most forms of martial arts. With continual practice a person can develop great strength in this position if done consistently over time can help you normalize your body by strengthening your central nervous system, which will help release tension from your body.

Self Massage

Another way to release tension from your body is through self massage. While massage is not what one typically thinks of when thinking of martial arts, there is a form of Chinese massage that is part of many martial arts practices, including Qigong. The massage technique is called Tui Na and can vary in the way that it is administered, from deep tissue to light pats. 

The important message is that while Qigong promotes healing, relaxation, and allows for deep mediation, there are many additional pieces that can improve the experience for you. Using the Tui Na massage techniques and perfecting the zhan zhuang exercise position are just two of the options you have when you look at what you want to add to your Qigong program.

Qigong exercises all come together in a way that promotes deep meditation and relaxation just from the sheer concentration required to perform them if nothing else. By taking the deep breaths and conducting the deliberate movements associated with Qigong, you will soon notice that you feel closer to the sense of Qi that you are seeking.


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  • Sydney Familiar

    Nice to intro the practice of Zhan Zhuang. I recently kicked off a blog on Zhang Zhuang and other internal arts exercises here: http://thestandingpost.tumblr.com/

    It is a online scrapbook of notes, articles and practices I find interesting on Zhan Zhuang and I hope other people who study, or want to study, find interesting as well.

    Stay happy, healthy and practice! –syd–