Qigong Massage Fundamental Techniques

Qigong massage fundamental techniques have been practiced for thousands of years by many Asian cultures, but most notably by the Chinese. Both Chinese medicine and Qigong are dedicated to the maintenance of health and the prevention of illness.

Yin And Yang

The human body has two components according to Chinese medicine. The Qi body of the inner body (Yin body) is the foundation of the Yang body and the root of health and longevity. The physical body is the manifestation body (Yang body). Since Yin energy is the origin of life, it provides for the growth of Yang. When the Yin energy is weak or suddenly increases, the physical body (Yang) becomes ill. According to Chinese medicine, physical damage of the body can occur if the imbalance is permitted to continue.

Tui Na

Qigong massage is derived from five thousand years of study and practice. Used primarily to improve health, slow down aging or treat many types of illnesses, it can also help athletes heal faster from their injuries. A significant number of practitioners of Qigong massage are also martial arts teachers in such fields as tai chi and kung fu. They usually practice the tui na method which includes specialized treatment for sports medicine. Tui na focuses on pushing, stretching and kneading the muscle rather than pinching and pressing at acupressure points.

Since tui na has fewer side effects than modern drug-based and chemical-based treatments, it can be used on infants and the elderly. Many conditions of the musculo-skeleton and chronic stress-related disorders of the digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems can be healed using this method. Fatigue, aches, pains, tension, and stress can also be treated using Qigong massage techniques.


Unlike Western medicine which treats the symptoms of the illness, Qigong massage focuses on Qi (energetic) healing in order to attain non-chemical (drug) results. The Chinese physician will gauge the Qi levels of the twelve primary Qi channels (Shi Er Jing), which are related to the internal organs and how they are functioning in relation to one another. Any abnormality is treated using Qigong massage, herbs or acupuncture.

Qigong massage is based on affecting the Qi (energetic) system as well as the circulatory systems of the blood and lymph since Chinese massage maintains that imbalances or blockages of these systms create illness. A practioner of Qigong massage has studied Qi (energetic) healing and uses his own Qi to promote healing in the patient.


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  • Dana

    I have fibromyalgia and have had 6 therapy sessions n7 wks. My pain has already greatly diminished. I c a chinese therapist who is a traltologist and specializes n treating clients with chronic pain. He used qigong technique yesterday. I dont believe conventional medicine can help ppl with fm. Bigpharma tried to kill me.

  • Dana