Qigong Exercises For Relaxation And Healing

Qui Gong exercises have been practiced for thousands of years and are an art form closely related to Tai Chi and Yoga. This ancient practice has received new life in recent years with more and more people looking for alternatives to Western medicine. Finding healing alternatives that don’t involve medication has spawned a rebirth in some of the ancient Chinese practices, one of which is Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong).

How Qigong Promotes Healing and Relaxation

Qigong exercises are a series of slow and very deliberate movements that also involve deep breathing or the practice of diaphragmatic breathing that can be helpful in combating stress in those who practice it. The practice of deep breathing and concentrated movements are all part of the meditation process of Qigong.

Meditation has been shown to help in healing the body. Those practicing Qigong believe it promotes a balance between the body and mind and creates a harmony inside the body of the person practicing the art of Qigong. Many of the martial arts practices that have been adopted by people today promote the healing properties of meditation as part of their overall practice philosophy.

The practice of Qigong exercises is thought to unblock the Qui in one’s body and mind and therefore promote the release of healing energy. Many of the ancient Chinese martial arts believe that illness can be healed through deep meditation. Qigong due to its deliberate movements and deep breathing help those practicing to center their bodies by clearing their mind. While there aren’t studies to support this, the hundreds of thousands of people practicing Qigong seem to be convinced.

When to Practice Qigong

Qigong is a terrific way to start or end the day. Those who practice Qigong on the morning say that it is a great warm up and boosts the metabolism. While if you are looking for the healing and meditative properties, you may consider Qigong to end your day with. Practicing Qigong at the end of they can provide the necessary relaxation and healing that will ultimately promote a better night’s sleep.

Regardless of when you choose to begin training in the art of Qigong exercises, the key is always consistency in terms of how often you perform your exercises, when you perform them and for how long. Results most likely can’t be seen over night, but with time the cumulative effect of the meditation should have healing effects.


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