Qigong Energy Healing And Projection

Qigong energy healing and projection is an ancient energy healing technique widely used in China and now beginning to gain popularity in western medical practices.   Qigong is the practice of using the energy within the body to promote healing and longevity, as well as to reduce the imbalance of your system pathways, called chakras.  Energy healing is attributed to your Chi, which is your inner energy and life force.

Meditation Benefits

By opening up and clearing your pathways by the practice of meditation and posture exercises, you will gain:

  • mental benefits
  • emotional benefits
  • spiritual benefits 
  • physical benefits

The empowerment felt with Qigong is attributed to the strengthening of your body’s connection to the earth, the highest source of creative energy. When utilizing this spiritual practice of meditation to achieve this connection, the healing energy can also be projected and used to anothers  benefit.

Healing Benefits

Qigong energy healing has been used to cure people of several ailments that are usually only healed with Western medicines. Tai Chi and yoga are also known healing technologies that along with Qigong, can:

  • lengthen your life span
  • reverse aging
  • empower your body to self heal
  • promote energy

Once incorporating these timeless practices into your own life, you will experience a complete mind and body transformation that will help you obtain the inner power to reach your life goals.


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