Qigong Classes For Expecting Mommies

Qigong, also known as Chi Gong, is an ancient form of meditation combined with slow, graceful martial arts movements and breathing techniques to improve health and mental well-being. You can take Qigong classes or Tai Chi classes to learn these popular martial arts exercises. These specialized martial arts classes can be ideal for expecting mothers.

Why Qigong Classes Are Beneficial For Pregnant Women

It is believed that through Qigong and Tai Chi exercises, you can blend physical movements with mental focus to direct the flow of your body’s energy to achieve physical well-being and inner peace. These safe and healthy low-impact martial arts practices can be perfect for pregnant women who want to stay active without the risk of injuries from high-impact exercises or sports.

Qigong and Tai Chi classes provide soothing and relaxing workouts that are gentle enough for prenatal bodies. For many women, pregnancy can cause physical challenges including back pain, swelling, nausea, vomiting, and heartburn, and excessive weight gain, loss of balance, insomnia, and fatigue. Tai Chi exercises can help alleviate many unpleasant side effects of pregnancy.

With Tai Chi, the movements are slow and done standing up– so pregnant women in their later trimesters won’t need to struggle with getting up and down. The circular motions of the exercises help to prevent swelling in hands and feet, while strengthening and toning arm and leg muscles. Pregnant women have also reported that Tai Chi exercises relieve back pain and cramping. The meditation, breathing, and repetitive movements will help you feel in tune with your rapidly changing body, and help you to feel refreshed, peaceful, and energized.  Also, the improved strength and coordination you develop from Tai Chi exercises will provide better balance throughout every trimester.


Because technique and proper diaphragmatic breathing are important when you practice Qigong or Tai Chi exercises, it is recommended that you take classes with a professional instructor. As with any exercise program, you should also check with your doctor before beginning Qigong or Tai Chi classes–especially if you are expecting.

The greatest benefits from Qigong will be achieved over time-with regular practice. You will start to notice positive results after your first few sessions, if not after your first session. The positive results most people feel from Qigong are inner peace, relaxation, increased energy and endurance, improved mental clarity, and enhanced spiritual awareness. With ongoing practice, these positive effects can last a lifetime. For continued physical and mental well-being, Qigong and Tai Chi exercises, meditation, and breathing should be continued after childbirth and become part of your lifestyle.


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